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Mid-August 2019. Here are some events in the villages that will surprise you

Tuesday 13 august 2019

Not the usual patronal festival or celebrations for the Assumption of the Holy Mary but a series of events in some villages that will surely remain in your heart.

Mid-August 2019. Here are some events in the villages that will surprise you

We are now a few hours from the most important holiday of the Italian summer, Ferragosto, but are you really ready or do you still not know what to do? They are a myriad of celebrations for patron saints or religious celebrations scattered throughout the country, you can discover them all from our event search engine, but what about the rest? Today we offer a selection of events, including historical re-enactments, festivals, festivals, fairs, sporting events, concerts and more to give you an August holiday in the villages, special and that will remain in your heart for a long time.
Good mid-August and good fun from the editorial staff of e-borghi!

Saracin's Ride | 15-08-2019 in Sarteano (SI)Historical reenactments - The event has been documented since 1583. Medieval tournament in which five riders, representing the five districts of the village, challenge in the main square of the village. With an ankle pulled, the knights must thread a ring placed over the shield of a swinging torso called Buratto, representing the Saracen Invader. The winner is the winner who, after five batteries, called Careers, has taken more rings. The procession that winds through the country's streets early in the afternoon, with very elegant medieval dresses, is breathtaking.Ferragosto | 15-08-2019 in Alghero (SS)Festival - Pyrotechnic show, on which the fires of Algerian light fires to admire the fireworks.Maggiolata | 15-08-2019 in Atri (TE)Festival - Parade of oxcarts.Wild boar Hunting | from 13-08-2019 to 15-08-2019 in Mondavio (PU)Historical reenactments - Historical commemoration with renaissance banquet.Marcia Barbana a Laste | 15-08-2019 in Sottoguda (BL)Sports -Ancient Villalaghese marriage, in historical costumes | 15-08-2019 in Villalago (AQ)Historical reenactmentsAncient Fair of Grazie | 15-08-2019 in Grazie (MN) ...Know more FeastsPIAZZA BELLA PIAZZA - Tributes to music | from 14-08-2019 to 15-08-2019 in Grottammare (AP)ConcertsFeast of the Mountain at Piano di Novacco | 15-08-2019 in Saracena (CS)ExpoRustic Middle Ages | from 01-08-2019 to 15-08-2019 in Canale di Tenno (TN)Historical reenactments - A festival of various arts that shows some moments of the medieval life of the village.Eggplant Festival | from 01-08-2019 to 15-08-2019 in Milazzo (ME)FeastsFresh Fish Festival | from 01-08-2019 to 15-08-2019 in Milazzo (ME)FeastsArtigianato Vivo 2019 | from 04-08-2019 to 15-08-2019 in Cison di Valmarino (TV) ...Know more Festival - A journey to discover ancient knowledge and manual crafts, to recreate a curious artisan workshop in the open air.
from Sunday 4th to Thursday 15th August 2019Palio dell'Assunta with parade of medieval costumes | 15-08-2019 in San Marco d'Alunzio (ME)Historical reenactmentsJohnny Cash Tribute | 15-08-2019 in Santa Severina (KR)Concerts - Piazza Campo
from 21:30Talami Night Show | 15-08-2019 in Orsogna (CH)Religious occurrences

To find out what other events will happen in the next days in the villages, do not hesitate to visit our dedicated page... and then again, have some happy holidays!

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