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Rock and poetry Agnone not to be missed!

Tuesday 30 july 2019

If you are in Italy by the end of July and the beginning of August, don’t miss the highlight of Sonika Poietika, a festival that fills with art and music some town of Molise.

e-borghi Community Rock and poetry Agnone not to be missed!

Rock and poetry Agnone not to be missed! The festival Sonika Poietika is a summer event that follows the Poietika event that ended in Campobasso last 16 April. For five years the event has been such a success that it has also been repeated in summer.

Sonika Poietika 2019

Sonika Poietika is a theatrical and musical review that from July 27 to August 4 will fill with music and verses some of the most beautiful towns of Molise including Agnone and Venafro.

The village of Agnone will be the protagonist of an evening event on Thursday, August 1, 2019, which will see the singer-songwriter Andrea Mirò perform in the beautiful setting of Palazzo San Francesco, which for the event will lend voice and face to the verses of Bob Dylan, Lou Reed, Leonard Cohen and Patti Smith with the accompaniment of Brunella Boschetti Venturi, Cinasky and Ezio Guaitamacchi, author of the recital Poets Rock.

The location of Agnone

Palazzo San Francesco is the location chosen by the organizers of Sonika Poietika for the performance of Andrea Mirò. Palazzo San Francesco was until 1700 the convent of the Franciscan Friars Minor Conventual, then following a law that appeared in 1807 was deleted by Giuseppe Bonaparte, to be returned to the friars in 1866, when it became definitively the property of the town of Agnone.

A curiosity: Palazzo San Francesco is now the seat of the municipality of Agnone, but on the first floor houses the municipal libraries and B. Labanca, inside which there are about 60000 titles, many of which are very valuable and ancient.

Sonika Poietika's tribute to Lucio Battisti

On August 4th if you are in Venafro, you can listen again in an evening event that embraces music and literature some of the most beautiful song of Lucio Battisti. It is not a classic concert but a sort of story in music from a successful book dedicated to the late Italian singer-songwriter.

A curiosity about Palazzina Liberty, location of the evening event of Sonika Poietika: originally it was a mill given its location in the city pond. Over the years it has been used as a power station and transformed into a cinema after the war. In the most recent period it has been completely restored and used as a multipurpose center ready to host artistic and cultural events.

N.B.: Each event has an entrance ticket.

Whether you are on holiday in Agnone or Venafro or residents get involved with the music of Rock and poetry of Sonika Poietika!


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