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Music, art and cinema not to be missed in Calabria

Tuesday 16 july 2019

Music, art and cinema not to be missed in Calabria for a summer full of emotions. Here are the events if you are on vacation among the villages of this region.

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Calabria, like the other Italian regions, is a territory rich in traditions and culture that over time and the beautiful sea have made it an indispensable stop to spend a few relaxing days. Be aware, however, that in summer Calabria and its villages offer not only a beautiful sea and excellent cuisine, but also a dip in music, art and cinema. Let's see the events not to be missed!

The Harmonies of Art Festival

A stone's throw from Catanzaro in the Roccelletta di Borgia plain, from 20 July to 15 August, in the archaeological park of Scolacium, you will be the protagonists of the Armonie di Arte festival. Now in its nineteenth edition, this year inspired by the combination of food and art; will give tourists the chance to attend live art performances, theatrical performances including Malìa, Massimo Ranieri's new show.

The Scolacium archaeological park has centuries of history. It seems that the area served as a bridge with Magna Graecia, which was later conquered by the Normans and Byzantines, and a legend says that Ulysses left here for Ithaca.

La Guarimba

Here is another event not to be missed if you are on holiday in the parts of the village of Amantea. Between the park of the Grotto and the church of San Biagio, between the 7th and 11th of August, the Guarimba festival takes place, featuring auteur cinema, documentaries, fiction and video clips. Ample space is also given to the animators and illustrators. Event now in its seventh edition, not to be missed for those who love cinema.

The Magna Grecia Film Festival

The 2019 edition of the Magna Graecia Film Festival is another event not to be missed if, between July 27th and August 4th, you are passing through the port of Catanzaro. This year the festival is dedicated to Sergio Leone and will see the presence of several famous personalities from the small and the big screen, such as Valerio Mastrandrea, Isabella Ferrari, Edoardo Leo.

The Mediterranean Noises

The village of Roccella hosts the event Rumori del Mediterraneo, an opportunity not to be missed for all Jazz music lovers. There were several artists who took turns in the first session ended July 13th. The second session of concerts will always be held in Roccella from 12 to 24 August, during which you can also listen to international artists from the Jazz scene live, and also discover great Italian performers. The event is free admission.

Art in Cosenza

Again between July and August, Cosenza will see various types of artistic incursions through its streets, from dancing, acting, painting to music. There will also be exhibitions, theater workshops and two concerts, that of the winner of Sanremo 2019, Mahmood , and that of professor Roberto Vecchioni.

Conflents and folklore

You can't miss in a review of events dedicated to the folk tradition, and that's what you'll find at Conflenti. Popular music and dances from 22 to 27 July. There will be dancers, myths and legends; there will also be space for typical cuisine and refreshment in the houses of the village.

If reading this article, you thought about experiencing one of the events, tell us yours!

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