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Sarsina and the Festival di Plauto

Tuesday 09 july 2019

Sarsina and the Festival di Plauto are a 59-year-old couple, whose history has even more ancient origins, an event not to be missed if you pass through Sarsina.

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Sarsina as you know is a small village in the province of Forl- Cesena in Emilia Romagna, this village has the particularity every year in the middle of summer exactly from July 21 to August 17, 2019, to immerse its inhabitants and many visitors, in a timeless atmosphere of art, theater and culture, thanks to the Festival of Plautus, with a wink at the glories of ancient Rome.

Sarsina and the Plauto Festival: a story that starts from a long time ago

Plautus, whose full name is probably Tito Maccio Plautus was born in Sarsina back in 250 BC, was a great Italian playwright He lived for his art, writing was his daily life, was a creative who were inspired by time, especially during the Renaissance several Italian and even foreign writers such as Shakespeare and Molière.

His works, written in Latin, have survived intact to this day. Plautus knew how to tell with the lightness of comedy and farce the life and events of those who, even at the time, were in poverty and lived of hardship.

Plauto's skill and creativity have survived time and literary currents, so much so that for 59 years Sarsina, in the summer pays tribute to him with a series of theater shows that in some cases also see the protagonists of famous faces of the small screen.

Where to see the shows and how to get to Sarsina.

If you are on holiday in the beautiful village of Sarsina know that the shows are held in the Arena Plautina, which is 1 km from the center of the village, exactly in Calbano, and can be reached via the provincial road Sarsina Ranchio.

For the entire period of the Festival of Plautus is available the free shuttle service that leaves from Piazza Plautus every evening at 20:30 and 21:20 and brings back the spectators at the end of the show.

Each show starts at 21:30, and goes on stage even in case of bad weather, you can see the program of the 2019 edition here.

Sarsina can be reached from different areas of Romagna. Fro mCesena, by bus with the Line 138 or by train. The nearest airports are the Gugliermo Marconi in Bologna which is about 120 km, and Federico Fellini in Rimini which is 60 km.

You should also know that in summer Sarsina does not devote its evenings only to Plauto, if you find yourself passing through the village between 12 and 14 Liglio, you will feel like being back in the days of ancient Rome, along the streets of the old town await scenes of everyday life 2000 years ago, but not only there will be costumes, music, dances and flavors of the past to make you travel in time for an evening or all three if you prefer.

You will attend a harp concert, a magician's forecast and the tales of the gods. There will even be the opportunity to taste the dishes of ancient Rome.

Even in the evenings dedicated to ancient Rome will not miss the play by Plautus. The Roman festival is now in its 18th edition.

If you have the opportunity to experience these events first hand, let me know what you think! I find them not to be missed and leave you with a curiosity to be discovered during the day a few steps from the historic center of Sarsina the Park of the "potholes" of giants, a natural place, where the suggestive erosion of the rocks due to streams in transit, has taken on, according to popular imagination, the same form of a muffler.


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