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Calendar of concerts in the italian villages and small towns in July 2019

Wednesday 12 june 2019

An unmissable round-up of concerts and musical events for lovers of italian villages and good sound

Calendar of concerts in the italian villages and small towns in July 2019

July will surely be a very hot month not only for the temperatures but also for the series of events that will take place throughout the peninsula and, of course, in the villages. Not only patronal festivals, feasts and festivals, but above all concerts ... and what concerts! As you can see from our list of concerts in the villages, you will find many big names: from Max Gazzè to Maneskin, from King Crimson to Liam Gallagher, from Carmen Consoli to Mengoni, from Antonello Venditti to Nomads, and also more internationally renowned festivals such as the Collisioni Festival, the Bertinoro Blue'Jazz Festival, the Giovinazzo Rock Festival, Tuscia Jazz Festival and much more. So get ready for a full-blown musical July and villages.

Collisioni Festival 2019 - Liam Gallagher | 04-07-2019 in Barolo (CN) ...Buy the ticket
Collisioni Festival 2019 - Carl Brave - Max Gazze' | 05-07-2019 in Barolo (CN) ...Buy the ticket
Mauro Ermanno Giovanardi | 06-07-2019 in Gardone Riviera (BS) ...Buy the ticket
Max Gazze | 06-07-2019 in Chiusdino (SI) ...Buy the ticket
Collisioni Festival 2019 - Salmo - Maneskin | 06-07-2019 in Barolo (CN) ...Buy the ticket
Wolfmother | 06-07-2019 in Cervia (RA) ...Know more
King Crimson | 06-07-2019 in Palmanova (UD) ...Buy the ticket
Collisioni Festival 2019 - Thirty Seconds to Mars | 07-07-2019 in Barolo (CN) ...Buy the ticket
Entrance to the Festival Day and Mahmood live | 07-07-2019 in Barolo (CN) ...Buy the ticket
James Morrison | 07-07-2019 in Gardone Riviera (BS) ...Buy the ticket
Carmen Consoli | 08-07-2019 in Saluzzo (CN) ...Buy the ticket
Collisioni Festival 2019 - Macklemore | 10-07-2019 in Barolo (CN) ...Buy the ticket
Snarky Puppy | 11-07-2019 in Grado (GO) ...Buy the ticket
Antonello Venditti | 11-07-2019 in Palmanova (UD) ...Buy the ticket
Nomadi | 12-07-2019 in Asolo (TV) ...Know more
Antonello Venditti | 13-07-2019 in Gardone Riviera (BS) ...Buy the ticket
Collisioni Festival 2019 - Calcutta | 13-07-2019 in Barolo (CN) ...Buy the ticket
Marco Mengoni | 14-07-2019 in Fontanellato (PR) ...Buy the ticket
Ghemon | 14-07-2019 in Gardone Riviera (BS) ...Buy the ticket
"City of Galatina" Band Festival | from 07-07-2019 to 14-07-2019 in Galatina (LE)
Bertinoro Blue'Jazz Festival | from 12-07-2019 to 14-07-2019 in Bertinoro (FC) ...Know more
For three days let yourself be carried away by the magic of the blues and jazz sounds while enjoying a spectacular view from the most beautiful terrace of Romagna!
from 18:30
International Festival 'Il Verso, l'Afflato, Il Canto' | from 01-07-2019 to 15-07-2019 in Volterra (PI)
Collisioni Festival 2019 - Thom Yorke Tomorrow's Modern Boxes | 16-07-2019 in Barolo (CN) ...Buy the ticket
Fabio Concato | 19-07-2019 in Gardone Riviera (BS) ...Know more
Antonello Venditti | 20-07-2019 in Cervia (RA) ...Know more
Women in Jazz | 20-07-2019 in Bertinoro (FC) ...Know more
Jazz all-female
from 21.30
Suan Rock | from 18-07-2019 to 20-07-2019 in Ziano di Fiemme (TN) ...Know more
Suan Rock is a festival of rock concerts with the participation of bands from the Val di Fiemme and others.
Calexico + Iron and Wine | 23-07-2019 in Gardone Riviera (BS) ...Buy the ticket
Xavier Rudd | 25-07-2019 in Gardone Riviera (BS) ...Buy the ticket
Glen Hansard | 26-07-2019 in Gardone Riviera (BS) ...Buy the ticket
Soilwork | 26-07-2019 in Cervia (RA) ...Buy the ticket
FKJ - Locus 2019 | 27-07-2019 in Locorotondo (BA) ...Buy the ticket
The Legend of Ennio Morricone | 27-07-2019 in Saluzzo (CN) ...Buy the ticket
Spider Murphy Gang Live | 27-07-2019 in Vipiteno - Sterzing (BZ) ...Know more
Giovinazzo Rock Festival - Last weekend of July | from 27-07-2019 to 28-07-2019 in Giovinazzo (BA)
Born at the end of the nineties of the twentieth century by the initiative of a group of young people and of the Department of Culture of the city. From 2005 is organised by the association A.R.C.I. Tressett. Traditionally held on the last weekend of July inside the Area Mercatale, with free entrance. The Giovinazzo Rock Festival è entered and recognized in the national circuit of music festivals, also thanks to the participation in the various editions of the Meeting of Independent Labels. In the course of the years has hosted IPù 150 band including people, Giuliano Palma & The Bluebeaters, Marlene Kuntz, Dirty Beaches (Canada), Bandabardò, dEUS (Belgium), Africa Unite, blond Redhead(USA), Nada feat. The Zen Circus, Fujiya & Miyagi (UK), Casino Royale, the theater of horrors, line 77, Brunori sas, Aucan, Summer Camp (UK), Punkreas, Après class, size 35, Three Allegri Boys Dead, Offlaga discopax, Giorgio Channels, Ministers, Paul Gillman (Venezuela), Motel Connection, Toys Orchestra.
Oblivion in Human Jukebox | 28-07-2019 in Pietrasanta (LU) ...Buy the ticket
Tuscia Jazz Festival | from 25-07-2019 to 07-08-2019 in Civita di Bagnoregio (VT)

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