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Castelsardo is preparing for Holy Week

Friday 05 april 2019

In the island village with ancient traditions everything is ready: seven days of liturgical celebrations and religious processions in the streets of the town, which will bring together the faithful of the place and will attract the attention of tourists

Castelsardo is preparing for Holy Week

Easter is approaching and Castelsardo, one of the most characteristic villages of Sardinia, is preparing for liturgical celebrations that go beyond the purely religious aspect. The events held in the streets of the town, in fact, are real gathering events, among the oldest and most picturesque of the island.

The program of Holy Week has been made known these days. It begins Sunday, April 14 at 8.30 am with Mass at the Church of the Holy Family. At 10.30, in Piazza Pianedda, the blessing of the palms will be held, one of the most awaited stops, followed by the liturgical celebration in the Cathedral. On Monday 15, at 7 am, the procession will begin with the delivery of the mysteries at the Basilica of Tergu. The procession is a very suggestive moment, with the parade in typical Sardinian costumes destined to attract the curiosity of tourists. At 20.30, instead, the night procession will start from the Cathedral of Sant’Antonio Abate, another very fascinating moment.

Cattedrale di Castelsardo

Cathedral of Sant'Antonio Abate

Thursday 18, in the Cathedral, will be held the ritual of lavender and the reposition of the Blessed Sacrament and at 20.30 will start "the Prucessioni" that will culminate with the prayer at the feet of the Crucifix with the Sorrowful Mother. At 11 pm, there will be the Holy Hour of Our Lord's Agony. Friday 19, that is Good Friday, will begin the Via Crucis, with the Passion of the Lord and the Adoration of the Cross on its way to the Church of Santa Maria. Saturday 20 at 9.30 pm there will be the Solemn Easter Vigil at the Cathedral, and finally on Sunday 21st, Easter, Mass will be celebrated in the Church of the Holy Family. At 11.00 am, in the Cathedral square, there will also be a meeting of the simulacra of the Risen Christ with the Virgin Mother. If you spend Easter holidays in Sardinia, then, come to Castelsardo, where the magic of Easter is an absolutely unmissable traditional event for believers or not.


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