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Events not to be missed in the villages in October 2018
Mon, 08 Oct 2018

Events not to be missed in the villages in October 2018

The temperatures start to fall but the desire to have fun and to know the typical features of the territories is always high for lovers of the villages and, the month of October, with its magical autumn colors, is among the richest of events. As always our calendar is rich and varied, therefore, it seems right to make a list that, contrary to our custom, goes beyond categories and try to cover all the range of possibilities and characteristics that the villages have to offer during this month ... and the list, you will see, is really long. From north to south, among festivals, feasts, historical events, concerts, re-enactments, here's how the villages will amaze us.

Vineyard of Fiè: Grottnerhof | 09-10-2018 in Fiè allo Sciliar - Völs am Schlern (BZ) ...Know more
Guided tour with wine tasting: Tenuta Grottnerhof.
Registration at the Information Office- tel. 0471 725047
from 17:00 to 18:30
'Ndocciata | from 07-10-2018 to 10-10-2018 in Agnone (IS) ...Know more
In Agnone, the biggest fire ritual of the world.
from 18:00
San Cerbone | 10-10-2018 in Massa Marittima (GR)
Pastor's Dance | 13-10-2018 in Ultimo - Ulten (BZ)
All are invited to the traditional pastor's dance in St. Valburga (Raiffeisen Hall).
from 20:30
La Lucciolata a Polcenigo | 13-10-2018 in Polcenigo (PN)
- meeting at 8.00 pm in Piazza Plebiscito
- arrival in Piazza Maggiore in San Giovanni di Polcenigo
- on arrival sweets and drinks for all participants
free registration with free offer
from 20:00 to 22:00
Revival Party 80's | 13-10-2018 in Teana (PZ) ...Know more
from 22:00
Chestnut Festival and Autumn flavors | 13-10-2018 in Bovino (FG)
Feast of Our Lady of Fatima, Caprarica del Capo district | 13-10-2018 in Tricase (LE)
Lepanto Battle Reenactment | 14-10-2018 in Sermoneta (LT)
The Great chestnut! | 14-10-2018 in Perinaldo (IM) ...Know more
from 14:30 to 20:00
F@mu - The magic of Harry Potter | 14-10-2018 in Castell'Arquato (PC) ...Know more
Autumn Festival | 14-10-2018 in Gradella (CR)
Music, craftsmen, hobbyists and traditional shaft della Cuccagna.
Chestnut Festival | 14-10-2018 in Smerillo (FM)
Antique Market in Asolo | 14-10-2018 in Asolo (TV)
The traditional date with the antiques market, returns every second Sunday of the month (except July and August).
The Harvest Festival | from 13-10-2018 to 14-10-2018 in Cassinetta di Lugagnano (MI)
The festival wants to celebrate the new rice crop of the numerous farms associated in the District, which sees, in particular, in the production of Carnaroli and Arborio the best expression of a unique and innovative agronomic project, aimed at achieving a product characterized by excellent quality and complete traceability, as well as maximum transparency with regard to the consumer.
Second Hand market | 14-10-2018 in Castelseprio (VA)
The old town houses about 120 exhibitors with various objects and small antiques.
from 08:00
Autumn Orange Flags - Add a village to the table | from 06-10-2018 to 14-10-2018 in Cutigliano (PT) ...Know more
Antiques Market | 14-10-2018 in Gualtieri (RE) ...Know more
The famous antiques market is held from morning until evening.
Autumn Orange Flags - Add a village to the table | from 12-10-2018 to 14-10-2018 in Trequanda (SI) ...Know more
Feast of Bread, in the locality of Scarpia in Otro Valley | 14-10-2018 in Alagna Valsesia (VC)
Books in the bay. Fair of the books | from 13-10-2018 to 14-10-2018 in Sestri Levante (GE) ...Know more
thanks to Panesi editions, the Bay of Silence will animate, for two days, noise, one of the pages of the books and of the writers who will present their work and of course to all readers enthusiasts who discovering books known and less well known, you will lose between the banks of the former convent of the Annunziata. Books in Baia was born from the need to create opportunities for meeting and exchange between the protagonists of the publishing sector in the broadest sense, publishers and readers and writers, but also professionals in the sector, libraries, cultural associations, literary agents, without forgetting the operators of the web, blogger and social influencer. The fair appointment is enriched by numerous cultural events of various kinds: presentations of books and authors, meetings with professionals, workshops and creative writing workshops and activities dedicated to kids as entertainment and thematic workshops.
Antique Market in Altopascio | 14-10-2018 in Altopascio (LU)
For all lovers of ancient things
Orange Flag Day | 14-10-2018 in Longiano (FC)
City Tour Presilano IX ^ ed. | 14-10-2018 in Caccuri (KR) ...Know more
CioccoTuscia and Chestnut Festival | from 06-10-2018 to 14-10-2018 in Caprarola (VT) ...Know more
Marché Au Fort | 14-10-2018 in Bard (AO)
The Marché au Fort is the great showcase dedicated to the excellence of wine and food production in Valle d'Aosta. The event, which will take place between the suggestive walls of the medieval village and the Fort of Bard, is the most important food and wine show dedicated to the products and specialties of the table of the small Alpine region. The event will embrace the most characteristic corners of the medieval village of Bard and Forte, from 9.30 am to 6 pm. Visitors will be able to meet producers in the market and buy local specialties, and will be involved in tastings and guided tours.
Treasures of the Wood | 14-10-2018 in Cingoli (MC) ...Know more
In the heart of Cingoli visitors will find spaces with tasting and sale of quality products, the mycological exhibition organized by the Monti Sibillini Naturalistic Mycological Association of Macerata, a food stand run by the Atc Proloco, restaurants and bars with themed menus.
from 09:00 to 21:00
Fried Mushroom Festival | 14-10-2018 in Cutigliano (PT) ...Know more
Avigliana Sunday Strolls | 14-10-2018 in Avigliana (TO)
The Pond Pessina, Toads' paradise.
Chestnut Festival | 14-10-2018 in Garbagna (AL)
Pink Weekend | from 12-10-2018 to 14-10-2018 in Laigueglia (SV)
Three days of sport and activities dedicated to women
Every second Sunday in October
Feast of Nebrodi Black Pig and Porcino Mushroom | from 13-10-2018 to 14-10-2018 in Cesarò (ME)
Sunday in the village | 14-10-2018 in Neive (CN)
The Sunday of the Borgo | 14-10-2018 in Framura (SP) ...Know more
from 10:00 to 13:00
Harvest Festival | from 06-10-2018 to 14-10-2018 in Venosa (PZ)
Flavors and Colors of the Lake | from 12-10-2018 to 14-10-2018 in Lazise (VR) ...Know more
An opportunity to enhance the land of Lake Garda, with bright colors and strong flavors.
Chestnut festival | 14-10-2018 in Pigna (IM)
Sagra della Castagna | 14-10-2018 in Sarsina (FC) ...Know more
Organic market, antirennet and handicraft | 14-10-2018 in Dolcedo (IM)
It is a pleasant appointment that has grown over time, welcoming stalls of all kinds: You can find the typical cheese next to antique prints, handicrafts and sweets without sugar, stalls of antirennet and oil crusher. An important moment for those looking for healthy and unmodified food, for those who love, typical products and for those who want to spend some time in a relaxing and human atmosphere.
Grandfondo del Brunello | 14-10-2018 in Montalcino (SI) ...Know more
Discovering Medieval Bobbio | 14-10-2018 in Bobbio (PC)
Meeting at IAT-cost €5
Reservation required 338-7941706
from 10:00
Merchants in the village | 14-10-2018 in Venzone (UD) ...Know more
from 08:00 to 18:00
Winemaker of Fiè: Gumphof | 16-10-2018 in Fiè allo Sciliar - Völs am Schlern (BZ) ...Know more
Guided tour with wine tasting: Tenuta Gumphof.
Registration at the Information Office - tel .: 0471 725047
from 17:00 to 18:30
Sagra de la Volia Cazzata | 17-10-2018 in Martano (LE) ...Know more
The Crushed Olive Festival
Choral Review | 20-10-2018 in Piobbico (PU)
October Feast | from 13-10-2018 to 20-10-2018 in Larino (CB)
This is a sample exhibition of peasant origins, which in the past centuries was a point of passage for all those who through transhipment carried out transhumance towards neighboring Apulia, mostly farm animals, salami and cheese were sold. The first edition dates back to the 18th century. Nowadays, there are products for skin, clothing, but also salami, cheeses and home appliances. The October Fair is made up of an outside and an interior, in the outside there are small mediums and large tractors or tools for the countryside, and in the interior of salami, cheeses, skin cosmetics, mattresses, etc.
The Feast of the Madonna degli Angeli | 21-10-2018 in Seclì (LE)
in memory of the Servant of God Sister Chiara D'Amato from Seclì, that in the course of its ecstasy had the glorious vision of the Madonna degli Angeli.
Autumn Festival in Cavanata Valley | 21-10-2018 in Grado (GO) ...Know more
Let's say hello together to the arrival of migratory birds. Videoprojection of naturalistic photos and guided visit in the evening at the Cavanata Valley natural reserve. For information: info.educazionecavanata@gmail.com +39 340 4005752
Feast of the Madonna della Salute | 21-10-2018 in Moresco (FM)
Words of the Mountain | 21-10-2018 in Smerillo (FM)
Chestnut | 21-10-2018 in Morimondo (MI)
Bellagio Skyrace | from 20-10-2018 to 21-10-2018 in Bellagio (CO) ...Know more
Race uphill and downhill, includes the possibility to differentiate the commitments since there is the long distance of 28 km and the short of 14 km.
Antique Market and Incanto | 21-10-2018 in Fontanellato (PR)
The market of the town of the town is in the historical markets with about 120 exhibitors.
Antiques and Modernism Market | 21-10-2018 in Volpedo (AL)
In the ancient village, a market for the treasures of the past and of the future.
The jump of the anchovy | from 20-10-2018 to 21-10-2018 in Laigueglia (SV)
Food and wine, workshops, literary meetings, exhibitions and shows. Artistic proposals of Liguria and Piedmont.
Pancià en fiera | 21-10-2018 in Panchià (TN)
Festival in colors, perfumes and autumn flavors with musical entertainment and with the participation of all the associations of the country
from 09:00
Exhibition market of the mushroom | 21-10-2018 in Piobbico (PU)
Exhibition of Contemporary Painting | 21-10-2018 in Lucignano (AR)
Festival of the Mora Romagnola | 21-10-2018 in Brisighella (RA) ...Know more
from 10:00
Chestnuts in the square | 21-10-2018 in Montefiore dell’Aso (AP)
from 11:00 to 19:00
Feast of Nebrodi Black Pig and Porcino Mushroom | from 20-10-2018 to 21-10-2018 in Cesarò (ME)
Agrimontana | 21-10-2018 in Palazzolo Acreide (SR)
shows mico-naturalistic Akrense. Exhibition of’Handicrafts Qualityà, gastronomy, typical products, painting, herbs, Fiera dei dolci. During the event in the exhibition stand is carried out with the tasting of typical local products, in particular of fresh sausage and dried; beef and wild boar, lake fish and river, cheese, honey, cakes,’Oil d’olive cultivars “Tonda Iblea”. Flower to’eyelet of the event è the mycologic shows that every year is organized and curated by’Micolo Association
The Brown Festival | from 20-10-2018 to 21-10-2018 in Santa Fiora (GR)
Festival of Susa Valley Chestnut | from 18-10-2018 to 21-10-2018 in Villar Focchiardo (TO) ...Know more
Chestnut festival | from 19-10-2018 to 21-10-2018 in Rocca di Papa (RM)
Earth Market of Mount Compacts | 21-10-2018 in Monte Compatri (RM) ...Know more
The town houses the local producers and artisans who have joined the initiative of the Earth market sharing the spirit, the princes and the philosophy of Slow Food.
Autumn Fair | 21-10-2018 in Montecosaro (MC)
Along Viale Europa in the hamlet of Scalo, stands of typical products of the local gastronomy.
Nature on Bicycle | 22-10-2018 in Avigliana (TO)
Along Dora river.
Chestnut of Morimondo | 22-10-2018 in Morimondo (MI) ...Know more
The chestnut will enliven the streets of the little Lombard Village: The crackle of chestnuts on fire and then still sweets made from chestnut flour and vin mulled.
from 11:30
San Verano | 27-10-2018 in Peccioli (PI)
The organic and antique markets | 28-10-2018 in Dolceacqua (IM)
FermHAmente. Fermo Science Festival | from 26-10-2018 to 28-10-2018 in Torre di Palme (FM)
Brazier Festival | 28-10-2018 in Moresco (FM)
Palio dei Caci Volterrani | 28-10-2018 in Volterra (PI)
Among the Contrada of the village, in medieval costume. The race consists in traveling as steep as Via Franceschini as soon as possible by rolling small forms of cacio.
Antiques and Modernism Market | 28-10-2018 in Pegli (GE)
Chestnut Feast | from 19-10-2018 to 28-10-2018 in Monte Vidon Corrado (FM)
23rd Brown Festival What a Passion | 28-10-2018 in Arquata del Tronto (AP) ...Know more
Feasts - You will find roasted chestnuts to welcome you, Vin Brulè typical local products, music and lots of fun.
from 07:00
Review of Castanicoltura | 28-10-2018 in Cutigliano (PT) ...Know more
from 15:00
Antiques Market | 28-10-2018 in Borghetto sul Mincio (VR) ...Know more
The antiques market takes place in Piazza Carlo Alberto and in the adjacent streets of the historical centre of Valeggio Sul Mincio.
Feast of the Lamb and the castrato Qc | 28-10-2018 in Brisighella (RA) ...Know more
from 10:00
Oil Festival | 28-10-2018 in Montepulciano (SI) ...Know more
from 09:30 to 20:00
Muggia 50 years | from 04-10-2018 to 28-10-2018 in Muggia-Muglae (TS) ...Know more
The exhibition is the story of a decade through 150 photographs taken from the photographic collection of the Municipal Library "Edoardo Guglia" of Muggia and the Photo Library of the Civic Museums of History and Art of Trieste.
The exhibition can be visited free admission
Limes Academy in concert | 28-10-2018 in Gargnano (BS) ...Know more
XXIII° International Chamber Music Festival, at Hotel Villa Sostaga to Navazzo of Gargnano.
from 17:00
The Oil Festial | from 27-10-2018 to 28-10-2018 in Panicale (PG) ...Know more
Itineraries of Taste - Walk, discover, taste Tremosine | from 14-10-2018 to 28-10-2018 in Tremosine sul Garda (BS) ...Know more
Excursion and guided tour to discover the small producers of the Treviso region with a themed tasting lunch.
On days: 14/20/28
Walk among the Olives | 28-10-2018 in Città Sant’Angelo (PE)
Santi Simone e Guida | 28-10-2018 in Corna Imagna (BG)
Crêuza de Mä. Music for Film | from 26-10-2018 to 28-10-2018 in Carloforte (CI) ...Know more
A show featuring the music in the films that takes place in Carloforte. It is part of the initiative "Cinema Islands", which is made up of 4 events, including "Thoughts and Words" (Asinara Island), "The Case of the Actress" (La Maddalena Island), "One Night in Italy "(Tavolara Island) and precisely " Crêuza de Mä" in Carloforte (St. Peter's Island).
Devil's Trunk | 28-10-2018 in Cividale del Friuli (UD)
Used and old-fashioned market in the squares of the old village.
Feast of the oil and flavours of autumn 2018 | 28-10-2018 in Montepulciano (SI) ...Know more
The Festival of Thrush | 28-10-2018 in Montalcino (SI)
L'evento, che si svolge l'ultima domenica di ottobre, rievoca le giostre e i tornei organizzati a conclusione della stagione di caccia e, tra offerte culinarie a base di cacciagione e vino locale, spiccano i balli e i canti in costumi ottocenteschi.
2018 ICAHM Annual Meeting | from 25-10-2018 to 28-10-2018 in Montalbano Elicona (ME) ...Know more
Etruscan Market of Chiusi | 28-10-2018 in Chiusi (SI)
The market proposes the sale of objects in copper and iron, flowers and composition of bamboo, books and crafts, jewellery, tableware, antiques, as well as typical products of local gastronomy such as jams, bread, sweets, oil, wine.
Porsenna Market in Chiusi | 28-10-2018 in Chiusi (SI)
Through the streets of the historic center of Chiusi, an entire day with exhibitors, all expression of the culinary and artisan traditions of the territory.
Vineyard of Fiè: Prackfolhof | 30-10-2018 in Fiè allo Sciliar - Völs am Schlern (BZ) ...Know more
Guided tour with wine tasting: Tenuta Prackfolhof.
Registration at the Information Office - tel .: 0471 725047
from 17:00 to 18:30
Tasting of typical local products | from 06-10-2018 to 31-10-2018 in Polignano a Mare (BA) ...Know more
6 October at 7.00 pm - 31st October at 6.00 pm at the Piazza Giuseppe Garibaldi (near the war memorial) there will be free tastings
Masquerade ball, charity fishing and magic workshops in Gigliopoli, the city of carefree children!
Autumn Flavors | from 31-10-2018 to 01-11-2018 in Pietrapertosa (PZ)
The Day 31 October and 1 November to Pietrapertosa we celebrate the Flavors of autumn. During the event you can taste traditional dishes enriched with the fruits of the Lucanian territory typical of the autumn season. It is also an opportunity to discover skills and creativity of local artists and savor and get to know the products of the farms of the place walking along streets and alleys of the village of Pietrapertosa, perched on the Dolomiti Lucane, and admire the uncontaminated nature that surrounds the village, immersed in the Regional Park of Gallipoli Cognato and Small Lucane.
Cascia Saffron exhibition market | from 31-10-2018 to 02-11-2018 in Cascia (PG)
Volterragusto | from 27-10-2018 to 04-11-2018 in Volterra (PI) ...Know more
Days of pleasure and relax in the name of the flavors of one of the richest areas of Tuscany wrapped in a unique frame as only ours is able to give.
War painting | from 06-10-2018 to 09-11-2018 in Pieve di Soligo (TV)
At: Villa Brandolini - Piazza Libertà, 7 - Pieve di Soligo (TV)
Timetable: Daily on reservation Saturday 16.00-20.00; Sundays and Holidays 10.00-12.00 and 16.00-20.00
Admission: Free
Il Gusto del Pollino | from 06-10-2018 to 10-11-2018 in Viggianello (PZ)
Traditional fair dedicated to mushroom, truffle and chestnut | from 14-10-2018 to 14-11-2018 in Castiglione di Garfagnana (LU) ...Know more
Fair of Goods and Livestock, Market of typical products.

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