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Food festivals in the villages not to be missed in September
Sat, 08 Sep 2018

Food festivals in the villages not to be missed in September

September is here, and with it the climate gets milder. The days, not yet cold, give us perfect opportunities to enjoy the outdoors and, perhaps, enjoying some delicacy or typical product of our villages. This month the calendar of events in the villages is really rich and it seems right to reserve a space of attention just to those events dedicated to food and wine and typical of the area, the feasts. The ingredients in the spotlight are really many: from mushrooms to polenta, from grapes to dumplings, from peppers to honey, from potatoes to fish, from chestnuts to ham, from truffles to chocolate, from lamb to eels... isn't it mouth watering already!
So let's get ready for a month "to taste"... and enjoy your meal.

Porcini Mushroom Festival | 08-09-2018 in Rocca Priora (RM)
The event will be held in the first two weekends of the month of September in Colle outside in the heart of the Park of the Castelli Romani. The appointment has deep roots with the agricultural tradition of the community itself, in fact until a few years ago many of its inhabitants carried out the task of gathering mushrooms as a commitment of the parent job. On the spot will be staged stands open at lunch and dinner which will offer a rich menu of variations in the theme to the porcino: first dishes of fettuccine, polenta, gnocchi and orecchiette, real homemade specialities. Do not miss the local wines, in a curated exposure, and the DOC wine of the house.
National Festival of Polentone Alla carbonara and festivals of the ugly | from 07-09-2018 to 09-09-2018 in Piobbico (PU) ...Know more
Street Food Festival | from 07-09-2018 to 09-09-2018 in Correggio (RE) ...Know more
Canederli's Festival | 09-09-2018 in Vipiteno - Sterzing (BZ) ...Know more
Sagra del Peperone a Sutera | 09-09-2018 in Sutera (CL) ...Know more
It is a popular feast very much awaited, with a mixture of sacred and profane, an interpretation of faith that gushes spontaneously from the depths of a popular soul, simple and genuine.
Antica Sagra del Monticino | 09-09-2018 in Brisighella (RA) ...Know more
Exhibitions, market, music and gastronomy in the old town.
Sagra della Pitu. Ancient Arboreal rite with a parade | from 14-09-2018 to 09-09-2018 in Viggianello (PZ)
in the locality of Zarafa.
Honey Fair | from 07-09-2018 to 09-09-2018 in Montalcino (SI)
A thousand & one Umbria | 09-09-2018 in Paciano (PG)
Itinerary lunch among the streets of the village.
Castagnate of the Ra Familia Bubièiza | from 07-09-2018 to 14-09-2018 in Bobbio (PC)
Piazza San Francesco
from 14:30
Feast of potato | 16-09-2018 in Vigoleno (PC)
in the locality of Vezzolacca
Harvest Fair | 16-09-2018 in Montefalco (PG)
The enthusiasts of the inhabitants of the quarters of Montefalco participate and give their best to prepare various allegorical floats inspired by the traditional montefalchesi customs from the period of the grape harvest up to the successive cycles of vinification, recalling the style of life typical of the rural world of so many years ago. The parade takes place every year in the streets of Montefalco up to gather all the chariots pulled some even by animals or vintage tractors, in Piazza from the municipality where you eat and drink in joy among music and dances.
Taste of Meliga | from 13-09-2018 to 16-09-2018 in Chiusa di San Michele (TO) ...Know more
Taste of Meliga puts the focus on the typical product of Chiusa di San Michele: The 'Pan ëd melia'.
Fair of Pracupola | 21-09-2018 in Ultimo - Ulten (BZ)
Traditional fair of Pracupola, with shearing sheep and selling typical products of the valley.
Fish Festival | from 15-09-2018 to 23-09-2018 in Caorle (VE) ...Know more
Cooked by the fishermen, fried or grilled with polenta, the fresh fish is the beloved protagonist of the feast.
51th Grape Festival and the Lambrusco Grasparossa di Castelvetro | from 15-09-2018 to 23-09-2018 in Castelvetro di Modena (MO) ...Know more
Grape and local wine festival | 23-09-2018 in Oria (BR) ...Know more
A suggestive parade of floats, specially set up themed, in the streets of the village, which will conclude with the arrival of the same in Piazza Lorch, where stand for the tasting of local food and wine, popular music live and themed attractions will be Frame to the final festival with the awards of the various categories of the parade.
28th Feast of the Mushroom Porcino | from 13-09-2018 to 23-09-2018 in Lariano (RM) ...Know more
Mushroom Feast | 23-09-2018 in Triora (IM)
The last autumn event before the winter hibernation: mushroom in the village is the appointment that closes the triptych of the festivals in September of the Valle Argentina, with a richer gastronomic review than ever.
Bread, Ham and Fantasy | from 26-09-2018 to 27-09-2018 in Preci (PG)
Event dedicated to the typical local products.
Feast of San Michele | 29-09-2018 in Sermoneta (LT)
Love & Chocolate | 29-09-2018 in Agliè (TO) ...Know more
Agliè Castle - Animated guided tour followed by chocolate tasting
Reservation is mandatory
Truffle and Chocolate Festival | from 29-09-2018 to 30-09-2018 in Subiaco (RM) ...Know more
Autumn and Potatoes | 30-09-2018 in Bourcet (TO)
Potato Feast.
Weeks of Lamb | from 15-09-2018 to 06-10-2018 in Ultimo - Ulten (BZ)
Every year, between September and October, the Val d'Ultimo is dedicated to celebrating the sheep and the lamb. From time immemorial sheep are protagonists of the mountain landscape of the Val d'Ultimo and an important element of its rural culture. Lamb weeks offer a series of events dedicated to the reality of sheep breeding: a selection of local restaurants serves specialties and dishes prepared with local lamb flesh.
Rice Feast | from 15-09-2018 to 13-10-2018 in Isola della Scala (VR)
Eel Festival | from 28-09-2018 to 14-10-2018 in Comacchio (FE) ...Know more
XX edition of the appointment with the Queen of the Valleys. Tasting of delicious dishes with eel and sea fish and valley, exhibition stands, excursions, music, varied entertainment, children's play area, market of collectibles and curiosities. International gastronomic and cultural meetings and conventions

Also discover all the other events in the villages on our Events page.

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