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The village of Cocconato returns to host
Sat, 01 Sep 2018

The village of Cocconato returns to host

Cocconato returns as one of the protagonists of the Monferrato. The first and the second of September will in fact be home to the now traditional end of summer wine and food event "Cocco Wine", which will see the village transformed into an extraordinary wine route where the farms of Cocconato and Monferrato will put on display and will taste the their wines and their products to the many tourists.

The program includes two days of tastings, from 17 to 24, between Piazza Cavour and Via Roma, with protagonists the companies of Cocconato and Monferrato, the Islands of Wine, the food stands, the "Coconut Wine Lounge" and the Courtyard of the College.

The local wines, including the prestigious Barbera d'Asti Superiore, will unite the non-local wines protagonists of this year's edition, those of Trentino, rosés and Aglianico.

So much wine but also many gastronomic delights typical of the Monferrato cuisine, including cured meats, the delicious robiola di Cocconato, jams, honey and many typical Piedmontese appetizers.

Cocco Wine is the perfect opportunity to discover Cocconato, perched on top of a hill, among the most evocative villages in the area.

Main center of the Radicati family, it is a land of vineyards, pastures and cattle that, with their rich milk, allow the production of one of the most appreciated cheeses of Monferrato, the robiola di Cocconato.

The origins of the village sink in the Roman era, but it was above all the powerful Radicati family to mark the history of this area, which became a small autonomous state that, in addition to enjoying special privileges, even beating its own currency.

Even the Savoy, between 1480 and 1586, had Cocconato between their possessions, while in the seventeenth century the country experienced a phase of decline due to famine, plagues and looting.

It was then Napoleon who was reborn Cocconato, choosing it as the site of an optical telegraph station to connect the French capital with Milan and Venice. The tower of the village in fact transmitted the signals coming from Turin, Superga and the nearby Albugnano, turning them to other hills that would gradually bring the signal to Milan.

It was the beginning of the twentieth century to mark the country's tourist and hotel expansion, a period in which the center was animated by twenty hotels and inns, while today the great food and wine tradition is still alive, celebrated by its restaurants and agritourisms .

It is advisable to visit the village also during the suggestive Palio degli Asini at the end of September, to discover the fifteenth-century municipal building, in gothic style and decorated terracotta windows, the medieval tower, interesting panoramic point on Piedmont, the imposing parish church of Santa Maria della Consolazione, dating back to the second half of the seventeenth century, with beautiful windows and precious paintings, with eight side chapels once owned by the noble families of the area, the church of the Trinity, built in 1617 near via Roma, a single nave , which holds appreciable furnishings in the sacristy.

Also worth seeing is the parish church, located on the top of a hillock, the first church in the town dedicated to the Madonna della Neve, and particularly interesting is the Madonna delle Grazie Sanctuary, with its three-level façade on the road leading to the Maroero hamlet.

The splendid hilltop setting of Monferrato is dotted around the village, dotted with parish churches, castles and small villages, among cultivated fields, woods and valleys.

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