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Maruggio, a village in Puglia celebrating with jazz

Monday 30 july 2018

Primitivo Jazz Festival is about to start, a music festival that marries great wines to music.

Maruggio, a village in Puglia celebrating with jazz

Puglia has recently had another pearl in the circuit of the most beautiful villages in Italy. It is the tarantina Maruggio, small and pretty town, known for the enjoyable and blue Campomarino, its natural landing place and for decades destination of seaside tourism in Puglia and beyond. Many people from Bari have a summer house in Campomarino. Also near Pulsano, always in the province of Taranto, also center by the note and very tight sea.
In Maruggio now also a nice event dedicated to jazz.


Some reference on the village. Because Maruggio is worth a visit. And so also the neighboring district: Taranto itself and then, to give just one example, the town of Leporano, also famous for an archaeological area located directly on the sea. Or that of San Pietro in Bevagna, a hamlet on the Manduria sea. And then, again, Lizzano, even from the wonderful sea.
Geographically, already in northern Salento, Maruggio is 30 km from Taranto, right at the foot of the Tarantine Murge, small hills here lower and semi-hills, higher in other areas of the province (Mottola, Grottaglie).
The mother church of the village is named after the Nativity of the Virgin Mary and dates back to the 15th century. A beautiful historical heritage, therefore. Restored after a violent 18th century Salento earthquake, it houses the body of San Costanzo. In Maruggio also the church of San Giovanni Battista outside the walls, built in the fifteenth century by the Knights of Malta. Purchased by the Municipality, its restoration and subsequent transformation into a multimedia museum on the history of the Order of Malta is planned.
To see the convent of Santa Maria delle Grazie, XVI century, wanted by the observant minor friars. Here the church and above all a cloister frescoed in the 1600s. The historic center has been very redeveloped. Features the houses in lime and so the maze of alleys. Here the nineteenth-century Clock Tower (later become a war memorial) and several elegant palaces, including the castle-palace of the Knights of Malta, also known as the Commendatori, built in 1368. Several times renovated over the centuries, overlooking Piazza of the people. On the ground floor of the building (which has two floors) also small but interesting mills. Maruggio holds two coastal towers: one on the border with the marina of Torricella (another village in the Taranto area) and another in Campomarino. From the Magno-Greek period the archaeological site of Civita Vecchia, located near the masseria Sàmia (and Maruggio is full of beautiful farms). Also famous here are the trulli, the so-called "tròdduri", often from the roof in reeds. They are the classic rural buildings of Puglia, present, with differences, both in the Bari area and in the Salento area. Other archaeological sites: Castigno, the Greek tower of Monte Maggio, Capo dell'Ovo, the temple of Artemis Bendis (V -IV century a.C.) of the dune of the Madonnina, locality Capoccia Scorcialupi, west of Campomarino.
And the natural areas? Sea, dunes, woods, some small stream. In short, here there is something for everyone.

Here is Primitivo Jazz Festival, a music festival that marries great wines to music.
It starts Thursday, August 2 at 22 in the historic center of the town. A review organized by the AboutMusic association with the contribution of the Consortium for the Protection of Primitivo di Manduria. Vince Abbracciante (accordionist) and Claudio Chiarelli (alto sax) the leading musicians. To their care "Ultimi", a show written and directed by Silvio Cantoro and arranged by Alessandro Caione. The work will be sung by Serena Spedicato, Monica Gesmundo, Agnese Cotardo, Alessandro Caione and Giovanni Visconti; music by Maurizio Bizzochetti (guitar), Alessandro Caione (piano, guitar and diamonica), Alessandro and Mattia Monteduro (percussions) and Silvio Cantoro (bass).
The musician Umberto Summa is also present with Abbracciante and Chiarelli. But why the event in Maruggio? Because it was in Campomarino, as written fraction of Maruggio, that in 1891 there was the first label of Primitivo.
And so also the history of wine and passed from here. Now it is told in art and music.
Primitivo Jazz Festival is an idea of ​​the artistic director Umberto Summa, born with the contribution of the Consortium for the Protection of Primitivo di Manduria and the patronage of the Municipality of Maruggio.
For information: 333.4239926;

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