From June 22nd to 23rd the Blooming Festival will take you to discover the most modern digital and musical cultures through the historical and magical places of the village of Pergola, in the Marche region.


Borghi Magazine media partner of the Blooming Festival 2018 in Pergola
Tue, 05 Jun 2018

Borghi Magazine media partner of the Blooming Festival 2018 in Pergola

To be closer to the villages, this year Borghi Magazine is officially the media partner of the II edition of the Blooming Festival, which will be held from 22 to 23 June in the village of Pergola. This interesting festival of numerical arts and digital cultures, is widespread in the historic center of the small village of the Marche and stems from the desire to promote artistic expressions of research in the field of digital culture, music and electronic arts. The name itself, blooming, means flowering and aims to indicate the renaissance of digital arts in Italy. Young artists, makers, coders and designers will meet in Pergola to give visitors two days of kaleidoscopic creativity.

Interactive installations and live performances are planned in different places normally closed to the public or open only on rare occasions. Sacred, hidden or underground spaces kept in the ancient heart of the village of Pergola will animate with projections, images, sounds for a truly impressive result, which will surely stimulate wonder and curiosity to those who want to participate and share with the artists this innovative formula, which combines the most contemporary forms of art to places rich in art and ancient history of the village. For the spectator it will be like venturing into the magic of the creative process inside a boundless garden in full bloom. The digital arts become the red thread between the artistic disciplines, between the techniques of the past and those of the present. For two days the village of Marches will be transformed into a creative hub dedicated to digital arts, a dynamic experience in which the public can interact with the places, the works and the artists and experience the village in a different way.

Blooming Festival - Pergola

The artistic direction of the festival is by the Quiet Ensemble, one of the most important exponents in the visual arts scene in Italy. Among the guests of this second edition there will be artists like Ultravioletto, a creative studio in Rome that has always been passionate about the combinatorial possibilities between analog and digital, between man and technology; StudioAIRA! realizes multi-sensory landscapes that combine video, graphics, sound, architecture and interactivity; the intent of fuse*, instead, creative studio that organizes among other things the NODE Festival of Modena, research new interactions between light, space, sound and movement. Daniele Spanò, director and visual artist with many collaborations with theatrical and cultural institutions all over the world; Polisonum, is a collective of artistic research that uses sound to study the transformation of landscapes, territories, physical and cultural geographies of the contemporary world; and again The Unexpected, Martina Zena, Diego Labonia and Simone Palma, Luca Cataldo, Diego Gavioli, Arssalendo, Decomposer and Marco Cinque. All the artists will work in close contact with the places linked to the past and the rural traditions of the village of Pergola, experimenting with new points of view through a digital-electronic-numerical research.

Pergola - Blooming Festival 2018

Along with the artistic performances there will also be space for the "Video Mapping for Kids" workshop, organized by the pioneer of web art in Italy Gianluca Del Gobbo, which involves the creation of a sound-visual project by children and teenagers, to be exhibited. during the second day of the festival. During the inaugural evening, Urban Experience will conduct a walkabout of #arthinking to make the thought of art. A radio-nomad brainstorming conducted by Carlo Infante, which aims to involve viewers (and listeners) to trace the key concepts that will be the true protagonists of the Festival.

Blooming Festival is a project by Palazzo Bruschi with the collaboration of Palazzo Giannini and Borghi magazine will tell you exclusively, through the most engaging images and videos. Follow the latest updates on the Blooming Festival Facebook page.

But the most exciting thing will be there, so on June 22 and 23 do not miss: discover Pergola and the Blooming Festival!

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