We are on the threshold of summer and the calendar of events in the villages is enriched and warmed up like temperature. Here is a selection of events not to be missed among festivals, festivals and concerts.


Concerts, festivals and festivals not to be missed in the villages in June
Thu, 31 May 2018

Concerts, festivals and festivals not to be missed in the villages in June

It starts in June and with its beginning we can not help but think about the summer. With the longer days, a mild and not too hot climate, and (hopefully always) good weather, the events of June have a typical taste of "open air". Our first approach to the events of the sixth month of this year starts from three categories among the most suitable to be experienced outdoors. We are talking about concerts, festivals and, of course, village festivals.
Speaking of concerts, in June we note that even big names such as Fausto Leali, Jeff Beck, Tom Walker, Elio and Storie Tese, Interpol, the Dream Syndacate, Nek and Max Renga, have chosen the villages for their live. Also worth mentioning is Borghi Swing in Marano Lagunare during the Udin & Jazz event.
Speaking of festivals, we note that the scene of the villages is unified and is concentrated on 23 June under the banner of the Romantic Night of the Most Beautiful Villages of Italy. There will be many villages that will transform the little romantic corners to offer sweet moments to the lovers but among the festivals in the villages in June we also find the curious Occultus Dark Festival and a series of palios to whet the desire for competition mixed with tradition.
Finally, talking about festivals, there will be many typical products and food and wine routes that will cheer the days of June in the villages: from early melon to cicloegia, from the Sardinian poultry to pappardelle to wild boar of Lazio, strawberries to black cherries, polenta taragna to fish... and wine ... lots of wine.
Let's get ready for a month full of surprises because the events of June will be so many!

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Fausto Leali | 03-06-2018 in Porto Ercole (GR) ...Know more
LIVE Concert from 22:00
Sons of Music concert | 09-06-2018 in Framura (SP) ...Know more
Rock '70-'80's concert, in the locality of Setta. from 21:30
XXIII ed. Percfest (European Percussion Festival) and XXII Memorial Naco | from 14-06-2018 to 17-06-2018 in Laigueglia (SV)
The Jazz Festival is more attentive to percussionists, a great musical event with jazz concerts, shows, didactic courses, art, culture, fun and greetings.
Jazz is Dead! | 23-06-2018 in Almese (TO)
Sun&Sounds Festival | from 23-06-2018 to 23-07-2018 in Grado (GO) ...Know more
In the program the concert of Gizmodrome (1 July), an All Star band formed by four internationally renowned musicians: Stewart Copeland, Adrian Belew, David Bowie; Mark King and Vittorio Cosma. To follow: Bungaro (15 July), one of the authors of the most sought after of the current musical panorama Italian and international, The Original Blues Brothers Band (3 August), Gino Paoli (5 August), Morgan (12 August) and Vibrations (23 August). Tuesday 14 August, Sun&Sounds will host the final evening of the third edition of PLAY! Music contest for emerging artists. In addition to the "big", Program this summer sun&Sounds even three more concerts in free entrance in the historical center of Grado: 23 June Shari, 31 July The NuVoices Project and the 19 August Aurora.
Jeff Beck | 23-06-2018 in Gardone Riviera (BS) ...Buy the ticket
One of the most influential rock guitarists ever and among the most important for the evolution of modern guitar from 21:15
Le Castella Tarantella Week | from 19-06-2018 to 24-06-2018 in Isola di Capo Rizzuto (KR) ...Know more
Udin&Jazz 2018. Borghi Swing in Marano Lagunare | from 22-06-2018 to 24-06-2018 in Marano Lagunare (UD) ...Know more
The village of Marano and its picturesque lagoon host the special opening of the Festival Udin&Jazz 2018 #takeajazzbreak, with a brand new event full of events. The artistic project, built ad hoc to enhance a significant expression of jazz panorama of Friuli Venezia Giulia, provides active participation in numerous initiatives in the program, through which you can get to know the place, the environment that surrounds it, its history, its traditions, culture and gastronomy in a more attractive and spontaneous. The musical events are all free of charge and free access.
XXIV Feast of the Music | 23-06-2018 in Lanuvio (RM) ...Know more
from 09:00 to 23:55
Brass Band Live | 24-06-2018 in Almese (TO)
Tom Walker | 25-06-2018 in Sestri Levante (GE) ...Buy the ticket
from 21:00
Elio e le Storie Tese | 26-06-2018 in Barolo (CN) ...Buy the ticket
from 21:00
Interpol | 26-06-2018 in Sesto al Reghena (PN) ...Buy the ticket
from 21:00
The Dream Syndicate | 26-06-2018 in Sestri Levante (GE) ...Buy the ticket
from 21:00
Concert | 27-06-2018 in Colfosco - Kolfuschg (BZ) ...Know more
Concert with the unforgettable melodies of the "Fodom" choir.from 21:15 to 22:45
The Dream Syndicate | 27-06-2018 in Gardone Riviera (BS) ...Buy the ticket
NEK MAX RENGA | 30-06-2018 in Barolo (CN) ...Buy the ticket
from 21.30
'Amor Sacro Amor Profano' Concert | 30-06-2018 in Gargnano (BS)
Vocal Ensemble by Nicolò d'Arco, Director Daniele Lutterotti. At the church of San Matteo in Muslone. from 21:00

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Framura Blooming Village | 02-06-2018 in Framura (SP) ...Know more
In the hamlet of Costa will take place the third edition of Framura Blooming Village. Join the event on Facebook! At 6pm: artistic craftsmanship market 19.00: Awards Ceremony 8pm: opening gastronomic stand 21.30: Baba Funk, concert blues, funky & soul concert, in the locality of Costa.
from 18:00 to 23:55
Bergler Harass aTires al Catinaccio | 02-06-2018 in Fiè allo Sciliar - Völs am Schlern (BZ) ...Know more
On the occasion of the picnic Bergler Harras at tires at the Catinaccio, nature lovers have the opportunity to savor an exquisite snack of the peasant at the foot of the Catinaccio, admiring the legendary Dolomites.
The night of the brigands 2018 | 02-06-2018 in Vigoleno (PC) ...Know more
A moonlit walk that retraces the ancient paths that lead Vigoleno to Verna. Walking along the ridges and crossing the woods in the dark of the evening.
from 21.30
Occultus Dark Festival | from 01-06-2018 to 03-06-2018 in Sermoneta (LT) ...Know more
Three days of lectures and tarot readings
from 11:00 to 22:00
Infiorata | 03-06-2018 in Roccascalegna (CH) ...Know more
from 09:00 to 18:00
Festival of ancient Crafts | from 01-06-2018 to 03-06-2018 in Radicofani (SI) ...Know more
The event, which celebrates the artisan work and sharecropping
Palio della Tonna | 03-06-2018 in Civita di Bagnoregio (VT)
Palio dei Cantù 2018 | from 01-06-2018 to 03-06-2018 in Bienno (BS) ...Know more
The arduous duel between the five Cantù of the medieval village that will fight to win the coveted Palio and be awarded glory for a whole year
Covered | from 02-06-2018 to 03-06-2018 in Montalbano Elicona (ME) ...Know more
The streets of the old town will be decorated with drawings made with sands of various colors.
36 ° Festival Art Film Asolo | from 06-06-2018 to 10-06-2018 in Asolo (TV) ...Know more
Return to the oldest film festival about art in the world with many novelties!
Andersen Festival | from 07-06-2018 to 10-06-2018 in Sestri Levante (GE) ...Know more
National Festival dedicated to fairy tales and theater for spaces not conventional. The main lines of programming are the physical theater and non-verbal and the story. Andersen Festival wants to enhance the ability of the children always look at reality with new eyes, in key oneiric, fantastic but at the same time practical and true, because be children at the bottom is this, a total absence of injury replaced by curiosity, opening and desire to experiment. Music, dance, installations, cinema, animation, narration, urban theater and the theater of the hall: a mixture of many genres that is enriched day by day thanks to the urban space reinvented for the occasion.
Murlo in Fiore 2018 | 17-06-2018 in Murlo (SI) ...Know more
Second edition of the Floral contest
The Palio della Marciliana | from 16-06-2018 to 17-06-2018 in Chioggia (VE)
The Palio della Marciliana is a historical revisitation and one of the main popular festivals towns held annually in Chioggia, in the province of Venice. Includes the Tournament of the leaf spring and attracts every year in the city of the venetian lagoon thousands of visitors. The Palio relive with an articulated series of events that that was the townà of the Middle Ages in the years ranging from 1378 to 1381 and who saw that è passed into history as the war of Chioggia, fought to obtain the hegemony in the trading ports of the East (see genoese colonies), between the Serenissima Republic of Venice and the Republic of Genoa. along Corso del Popolo, the main street of the city, to the sound of the musicians of Clugia are simultaneously prepared banquets, mounted tavernas along with the Tower of Montalbano and established the camps of squires, while all around you perform dances, songs, simulations of combat But also the activities work of the epoch, mainly in Salinas (with the Milites Castri Salinae) and in the gardens of the lagoon. The crossbowmen show the visitor flags, armor, musical instruments, faithful and accurate reproductions of original pieces: a historical reconstruction which involved hundreds of appearing in the clothes of the Fourteenth Century and as swordsmen and tamburini capable of transporting the person who assists at the event in a suggestive medieval climax. The red canopy of fish market, housed in a historic building, accentuates the chromatic contrast with the white of the nearby Palazzo del Comune. The city veneta is the main fisheries center in the upper Adriatic. In the evening, the manifestations of the Palio concludes with a festive procession preceded by performances in theme as the fire to the tower and the scenes of daily life set in the streets, on the foundations, in banks and in the fields of the different districts. The Tournament of leaf in Chioggia, not arose at the same time as the Palio della Marciliana (much more recent), but has ancient origins dating back to the time of the war of Chioggia. is to observe that, curiously, this weapon was one of the strengths of the soldiers of the Republic of Genoa that could count on a body of crossbowmen of all respect if not considered among the mostù efficient at that time. race are five quarters that represent the fourteenth century Community clugiense: are the soul of the palio and contend for the primacy with the pull of the leaf springs large benchtop. The preparatory work of the palio is rather complex and provides a series of periodic meetings involving schools and local institutions.
Cammin Mangiando | 17-06-2018 in Lucignano (AR)
A gastronomic walk in four stages
Feast and Fair of St. Louis | 21-06-2018 in Presicce (LE) ...Know more
The romantic night of the Borghi più Belli d'Italia | 21-06-2018 in Vigoleno (PC) ...Know more
The romantic night of the Borghi più Belli d'Italia | 23-06-2018 in Morimondo (MI)
Borghi più belli d'Italia Romantic Night | 23-06-2018 in Framura (SP) ...Know more
Event in national contemporary with all the most beautiful villages of Italy. The evening dedicated to the love and beauty in Framura doubles itself. In the village of Setta will perform the jazz group "Elisa Daneri Jazz Quartet", while in the locality of Fornaci, in front of the beach, dancing night with dj Manuel Giampaoli, New Generation Sound and Fabio Crocetti live percussion.
Blooming Festival | from 22-06-2018 to 23-06-2018 in Pergola (PU) ...Know more
Holy spaces, hidden spaces and underground spaces of Pergola animate among projections, images, sounds that stimulate wonder and curiosity, inviting the spectator to venture into the magic of the creative process as in a boundless Garden in full bloom.
Romantic Brisighella Summer Dream | 23-06-2018 in Brisighella (RA) ...Know more
11th edition of the White Night dedicated to lovers
For information:
Pro Loco Brisighella tel. 0546 81166
from 20:00
The Romantic Night | 23-06-2018 in Cison di Valmarino (TV)
The Romantic Night | 23-06-2018 in Castell'Arquato (PC)
The Romantic Night | 23-06-2018 in Santa Fiora (GR)
Summer Feast | 24-06-2018 in Sarteano (SI)
The Romantic Night | from 23-06-2018 to 24-06-2018 in Scarperia (FI) ...Know more
Palio of the Contrade 2018 | from 23-06-2018 to 24-06-2018 in Bienno (BS) ...Know more
from 16:00 to 23:00
Noli Medievale | from 22-06-2018 to 24-06-2018 in Noli (SV) ...Know more
Culinary and Cultural festival
Blue at sea, on table, in Square... | from 24-06-2018 to 29-06-2018 in Laigueglia (SV)
Laigueglia revives the maritime tradition.
Romantic Night of the most beautiful villages of Italy | 30-06-2018 in Gradella (CR)
Dinner in the village square, live music, observation of the stars and romantic launch of the lanterns.
Wine Festival | 30-06-2018 in Vigoleno (PC)
Gear not competitive among the vineyards, with dances and gastronomy in the locality of Bacedasco Basso, just outside of the village of Vigoleno.
Collisions Festival | from 30-06-2018 to 28-07-2018 in Barolo (CN) ...Know more

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Feast of the Veronese Early Melon | 02-06-2018 in Isola della Scala (VR)
La cinquemiglia del Ghiottone | 02-06-2018 in Tremosine sul Garda (BS) ...Know more
Food and wine trail in contact with nature in an environment of rare beauty.
registration required as of 1st May 2018
Cherry Festival | from 01-06-2018 to 03-06-2018 in Longiano (FC) ...Know more
Shows, entertainment, music, games and food stands and tasting of products based on cherries by the Pro loco of Longiano.
Free Admission
from 14:00 to 24:00
Caboniscu ammuttau binu nieddu e pani indorau | 03-06-2018 in Masullas (OR) ...see the recipe
Strawberry Festival | 03-06-2018 in Nemi (RM) ...Know more
The first news about the festival documented in the municipal archives of Nemi dating from 1922. The strawberry, in its two varieties ("in Season" and "reflowering"), it is a characteristic product of Nemi for centuries: The Nemorensi strawberries were sung and made famous by the famous song in Dialect Romanesco ' Na Gita a Li Castelli di Franco Silvestri (1926), brought to the Success by Ettore Petroli. For some years next to the Strawberry Festival is held the exhibition of flowers, at the end of which the winner Florist receives the Golden Strawberry, or a strawberry covered with gold through galvanic bath.
from 10:00
Traditional Fair | 03-06-2018 in Triora (IM)
Magic Fountains | 09-06-2018 in Cison di Valmarino (TV) ...Know more
The magic of water that turns into wine... Wine tasting and local products.
from 18:00 to 23:30
Bosa Wine Festival V ° Edition | from 09-06-2018 to 10-06-2018 in Bosa (OR) ...Know more
There are about 30 exhibitors of different types of merchandise and over 30 selected wineries, from all over Sardinia and from different Italian regions. The visitor will have the feeling of travelling region in the region, being able to taste the different fragrances of the many qualities of wine exposed, always looking for a taste and a unique taste and, discovering gastronomic combinations or, simply Learn more about tasting products.
Festive cherries | from 09-06-2018 to 10-06-2018 in Castelvetro di Modena (MO) ...Know more
The collection of the Cherries will be enriched by guided tours, tastings and a walk to discover the territory and the churches of Solignano!
from 10:00
Flavors in Borgo | from 09-06-2018 to 10-06-2018 in Cordovado (PN) ...Know more
The festival dedicated to art, culture and food and wine of a selection among the most beautiful villages in Italy and the Pro Loco of our peninsula.
Tastings, concerts, theatrical performances, art exhibitions, Creative activities dedicated to children and especially Many food and wine specialties from all over Italy.
from 15:00 to 23:00
The Festival of the Vitalba | 16-06-2018 in Fossombrone (PU) ...Know more
The formula of the traditional folk Festival, rethought as an aesthetic experience, promotes quality food and reduced food production, culture, art, ecology and sustainability. The festival of the "So" will become a new event able to attract a wider audience, compared to previous editions, as well as a network of local organizations and companies active in promoting the heritage of local "excellence".
from 15:00
Sea and Vitovska | from 15-06-2018 to 16-06-2018 in Duino-Devin (TS) ...Know more
At the castle of Duino is held the annual appointment with the autochthonous grapes. Friday at 18. Official opening of the event. Almost forty winegrowers propose their wines, while at 18.30 will begin the guided tastings. Saturday at 18. The second day of the event dedicated to the Vitovska.
from 18:00
Love Knot Feast | 19-06-2018 in Borghetto sul Mincio (VR)
With a table from the Guinness Book of Records on the Visconti Bridge, the tortellini of Valeggio sul Mincio are served at more than 4,000 people.
Bonfire Night in Grello | 23-06-2018 in Gualdo Tadino (PG)
Montegar Le Caore | from 22-06-2018 to 24-06-2018 in Castello-Molina di Fiemme (TN)
Pappardelle Festival with wild boar 2018 | from 22-06-2018 to 24-06-2018 in Lariano (RM) ...Know more
9th edition of the festival in the name of taste and fun.
Bierfest-Beer Festival | from 21-06-2018 to 24-06-2018 in Gressoney-Saint-Jean (AO) ...Know more
Blue Fish Festival | from 23-06-2018 to 24-06-2018 in Marzamemi (SR) ...Know more
VII Feast of the shearing and ride of the fortress saved | 30-06-2018 in Novara di Sicilia (ME) ...Know more
from 19:00
Feast of Polenta Taragna | 30-06-2018 in Gargnano (BS)
at the sports field of the parish of Sasso. from 18:00
From sip to sip | from 22-06-2019 to 24-06-2019 in Cavalese (TN)

Also discover all the other events in the villages on our Events page.

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