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Concerts, shows, festivals, festivals, markets. Last minute events in the villages on the 1st May long weekend

Saturday 28 april 2018

A selection of events not to be missed in the villages between April 28th and May 1st

Concerts, shows, festivals, festivals, markets. Last minute events in the villages on the 1st May long weekend

Today, for many, begins the long weekend that will end Tuesday, May 1st with the workers' day. Four days of vacation that we hope will be kissed by good weather and that allow you to enjoy hours in company, in relaxation and fun. And US? Lovers of the villages, how will we spend these four days? No problem! The calendar of events in the villages is more than ever full of appointments not to be missed. Today our selection "last minute" focuses on concerts, shows, festivals, festivals and markets that you can find in our villages these days. So, ready to organize something special?
Go! ... and happy long weekend.

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J.S. Bach Piano National Prize | from 26-04-2018 to 29-04-2018 in Sestri Levante (GE) ...Know more
ars antiqua is the musical association born in Sestri Levante with the purpose to spread the knowledge of classical music on the territory through the various activities organised during the year, among which the Summer Festival of Chamber Music Lessons Concert Music&Tools for elementary schools, and concerts in the autumn. Born to valorise young talents, considered in the musical environment one of the competitions to categories more serious and qualifying, the Bach has gained a leading position thanks to the organizational quality, professionalism of the Juries participated in the years composed by teachers in prestigious and musical setting. The competition is open to children under ten years, for whom there is a specific category. In the palio scholarships, cash prizes and the possibility of performing in the Convent of the Annunziata of Sestri Levante.
International Jazz Day | from 29-04-2018 to 30-04-2018 in Alghero (SS) ...Know more
Alghero Celebrates International Jazz Day
MadMan 30-04-2018 in Locorotondo (BA) ...Know more
Uto Ughi and the Philharmonic of Rome | 01-05-2018 in Cascia (PG) ...Know more
from 17:00


I Sansoni in non Troppo | 28-04-2018 in Milazzo (ME) ...Know more
from 21.30
THE CORRRIDA | 28-04-2018 in Pomarance (PI) ...Know more
I Sansoni in non Troppo | 29-04-2018 in Cefalù (PA) ...Know more
from 21.30


Spring Perfumes | 28-04-2018 in Laigueglia (SV) ...Know more
Caorle Film Festival | from 26-04-2018 to 28-04-2018 in Caorle (VE) ...Know more
10th edition Motoincontro Memorial Beligotti and Exhibition vintage motorcycles | 01-05-2018 in Montegridolfo (RN) ...Know more
Until the Heart of the Revolt. Resistance Festival | from 20-04-2018 to 01-05-2018 in Fosdinovo (MS)
Review of the products of the pastoralism Pistoiese 2018 | 01-05-2018 in Cutigliano (PT)
Walking through the old town of Cutigliano tasting the products of the pastoralism.
VII Rassegna della pastorizia from 30-04-2018 to 01-05-2018 in Cutigliano (PT)
Spring Festival 2018 | from 25-04-2018 to 01-05-2018 in Sorano (GR)
Monterosso Val d'Arda Festival | 01-05-2018 in Castell’Arquato (PC)
Flower Bagnone | from 28-04-2018 to 01-05-2018 in Bagnone (MS) ...Know more
In Piazza Roma
Tripe effect | 01-05-2018 in Volterra (PI) ...Know more
A May first of our folklore. Tripe in the morning and music in the evening. An alternative event to be together in the company of food and music.
Week of Culture and peace | from 25-04-2018 to 01-05-2018 in Bevagna (PG)
The event offers high-level artistic, musical and cultural initiatives, with a wide and articulated program.
Sing Fiora, festival of music and popular culture | from 27-04-2018 to 01-05-2018 in Santa Fiora (GR)

Food festivals

XXXIV Festival of Oranges | 29-04-2018 in Rodi Garganico (FG) ...Know more
from 09:00 to 22:00
Wine for Focaccia | 29-04-2018 in Celle Ligure (SV) ...Know more
Itinerant gastronomic event, dedicated to the Ligurian queen of the Streetfood coupled with the quality wine, organized by the Promotur Consortium, with the sponsorship of the commune of Celle Ligure, the province of Savona, the Liguria region, the Chamber of Commerce Rivieras of Liguria. 20 restaurants, bars, gastronomies, bathing establishments and bakeries will prepare the focaccia in a thousand different ways, with imagination and creativity, inventing curious and sometimes unusual combinations: next to the focaccia, each restaurant will propose a Ligurian wine, in order to Create a complete stage of a rich gastronomic itinerary.
Feast of Calcione | 29-04-2018 in Serra San Quirico (AN)
The Calcione is a local sweet.
Pianta Maggio | 30-04-2018 in Preci (PG)
Feast of the Poplar of San Pellegrino | 30-04-2018 in Gualdo Tadino (PG)
Feast of Bruschetta | from 29-04-2018 to 01-05-2018 in Brisighella (RA)
from 09:00 to 20:00
Open Air Day | 01-05-2018 in Montecosaro (MC)
In the splendid scenery of the Church of S. Mary in Piè di Chienti, barbecue games and fun.
Treschietto 2018 Onion Festival | from 28-04-2018 to 06-05-2018 in Bagnone (MS) ...Know more

Street Markets

The organic and antique markets | 29-04-2018 in Dolceacqua (IM)
Antiques and Modernism Market | 29-04-2018 in Pegli (GE)
Etruscan Market of Chiusi | 29-04-2018 in Chiusi (SI)
The market proposes the sale of objects in copper and iron, flowers and composition of bamboo, books and crafts, jewellery, tableware, antiques, as well as typical products of local gastronomy such as jams, bread, sweets, oil, wine.
Porsenna Market in Chiusi | 29-04-2018 in Chiusi (SI)
Through the streets of the historic center of Chiusi, an entire day with exhibitors, all expression of the culinary and artisan traditions of the territory.
Used Market OMG | from 28-04-2018 to 29-04-2018 in Menaggio (CO) ...Know more
In Piazza Garibaldi
43 ª Exhibition Market Handicrafts Valtiberina Toscana | from 21-04-2018 to 01-05-2018 in Anghiari (AR) ...Know more
Street markets - Itinerant exhibition, which offers visitors and tourists a suggestive walk through alleys and small squares, where the artisan and artistic "workshops" will open for the occasion.

Also discover all the other events in the villages on our Events page.

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