A selection of events in our villages where you can celebrate the 2018 carnival among traditions, culture, colors, parties, parades shows and much more!


Carnival in the villages. Events, parades and parties not to be missed in February 2018
Sat, 03 Feb 2018

Carnival in the villages. Events, parades and parties not to be missed in February 2018

The carnival is a celebration that has always fascinated and entertained young and old. The colors, the traditions, the sounds and the costumes are just some of the elements that characterize this celebration so varied and particular in the various territories of our country. Thinking of the villages it is natural to think about the colorful traditions that come to life in this period. Masks and different characters, from north to south, pour into the streets of small towns, cheering and surprising the spectators, the curious and the partygoers. Carts parades, themed events, workshops for children, gastronomic events, shows, concerts, torchlight processions, DJ sets and much more. Passing the carnival in the italian villages is a special experience that remains in the heart and today we bring you a selection of carnival dates that you can not miss.
Good carnival and have fun!

Carnival of Sappada | from 28-01-2018 to 13-02-2018 in Sappada (BL) ...know more
Feast of the Gnaga and Review of Mountain Wooden Faces | 03-02-2018 in Fornesighe (BL)
They called it Gnaga, is nothing strange, only a mask, but not a mask alone. The Gnaga is a dual character that consists of the shape of an elderly lady by bulky wood bases, forced despite the age to carry on his shoulders a young boy, smiling happily. The rite of the carnival, which stems from the ancient agrarian rites made to propitiate the fertility of the land and the abundance of the harvest, allows through its trasgressivo step of entering into a new life. The kids dress themselves up like women, the old Gnaga carries a couple, hope that the winter ports always spring, and a great desire to make noise around the country. On the occasion of the traditional feast of Gnaga unwinds the Review of Wooden Faces of the Carnivals of Mountain, in the aim of revaluating the common dolomites tradition of Wooden Mask.
Seborga Carnival | 04-02-2018 in Seborga (IM) ...know more
Carnival Ambrosiano Cannobiese 2018: | 10-02-2018 in Cannobio (VB) ...know more
Carnival on the water at Comacchio | from 04-02-2018 to 11-02-2018 in Comacchio (FE) ...know more
Sunday 4 and Sunday 11 February, parade of masked groups and allegorical boats along the streets and canals of Comacchio departing from the monumental Bridge of the Trepponti.
Carnival Larinese | from 10-02-2018 to 11-02-2018 in Larino (CB) ...know more
Carnival of Varzi | 11-02-2018 in Varzi (PV) ...know more
Carnival - Parades of wagons, music, tastings
Carnival Torch | 13-02-2018 in Fiumalbo (MO)
Some volunteers, carrying large and heavy torches, travel the center of the village from the Seminary to Ca 'Monia, at the confluence of the two streams, where a large bonfire is finally lit.
The Joy of Carnival | from 08-02-2018 to 13-02-2018 in Locorotondo (BA)
Two expected parades: Fat Thursday, February 8th, and Tuesday, February 13th.
The rally is programmed in a mitre square at 17.00 p.m. The procession will be developed through via Cavour, Corso XX settembre, via N.
The allegorical floats will be made by "U ' Carnvel of Locorotondo", while at the venues of the other participating associations will be held the workshops in which the gadgets will be made to show during the parade. from 17:00
Carnival Montefiorano 2018 | from 11-02-2018 to 13-02-2018 in Montefiore dell’Aso (AP) ...know more
The Montefiorano Carnival is rooted in 1971. At that time the events took a lot of foot in the people so that everyone was strongly motivated to the realization of the most beautiful and mechanized float. Such was the passion of the people who during the awarding of the best wagon many were disappointed and then chose not to repeat the carnival for the following year.
Carnival Historical Offidano | from 10-02-2018 to 13-02-2018 in Offida (AP) ...know more
The performance of the Carnival in Offida is based on the two events that for a long time represent an unmistakable peculiarity: "Lu Bov Fint" and "I Vlurd"; Do not forget then the "Veglionissimi" who are the soul of the carnival Offidano.
The Carnival of Palazzolo Acreide | from 08-02-2018 to 13-02-2018 in Palazzolo Acreide (SR) ...know more
In Palazzolo Acreide comes the carnival, with parade of children in maschera, floats, gastronomic tastings, DJ sets and much more. Discover the rich program in the dedicated site.
Carnival of Acitrezza | from 08-02-2018 to 13-02-2018 in Aci Trezza (CT) ...know more
Masks, music, dance, lights This is the carnival of Acitrezza.
"Horned" masks | from 11-02-2018 to 13-02-2018 in Aliano (MT) ...know more
The masks are the protagonists of an impromptu comedy, called "Fras". They evoke demonic and clumsy creatures.
Carnival Passotreiese | 13-02-2018 in Treia (MC) ...know more
Straw Carnival | from 11-02-2018 to 13-02-2018 in Viggianello (PZ) ...know more
The Carnival of Viggianello was officially born in 1986, with the construction of the first allegorical floats. Now in its 33rd edition maintains its articulation in 2 fashion shows.
Carneval de Muja-65 ° Carnevale Muggesano | from 08-02-2018 to 14-02-2018 in Muggia - Muglae (TS) ...know more
Fantasy, Goliardic spirit, artistic talent, simple humour or stinging satire, improvisational skills, popular tradition but with festive implications decidedly refined and engaging, elitist and popular at the same time. This is the magic of Muggesano Carnival!
Carnival Ambrosiano Cannobiese 2018: | 16-02-2018 in Cannobio (VB) ...know more
At the Palacarnevale
Carnival Ambrosiano Cannobiese 2018: | 17-02-2018 in Cannobio (VB) ...know more
For the streets of the village and the evening at the Palacarnevale.
The Pentolaccia | 18-02-2018 in Casamassima (BA) ...know more
For the occasion is broken a huge pentolaccia parade floats in papier mache, realized according to a’ancient art from masters cartapestai, accompanied in their path through the streets of the center by the evocative masked groups.
from 17:00 to 23:00
Carnival Bobbiese 2K18 | from 11-02-2018 to 18-02-2018 in Bobbio (PC) ...know more
from 13:30 to 00:00
Carnival Ambrosiano Cannobiese 2018: Traditional Carnival closing bonfire at Traffiume | 18-02-2018 in Cannobio (VB) ...know more
In the municipal square of Traffiume
Carnival in the Square | 18-02-2018 in San Benedetto Po (MN) ...know more
from 14:30
Raviolata | 25-02-2018 in Scapoli (IS)
Gastronomic event where you can taste the famous Ravioli at Scapolese.
The Great Carnival of Caorle | from 07-02-2018 to 25-02-2018 in Caorle (VE) ...know more
It will be a rich program of Carnival also in Caorle.
Carnival of Corsano and of Capo di Leuca | from 01-02-2018 to 31-03-2018 in Alessano (LE)

Also discover all the other events in the villages on our Events page.

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Events in Aliano

  • Carnival of Aliano
    From 17-02-2019 To 03-03-2019 | Aliano (MT)

    Add to calendar 2019-02-17 2019-03-03 Europe/Rome Carnival of Aliano This year the appointments with the historical Carnival parades are scheduled for 17th and 24th February, 3rd and 5th March; with a special appointment on March 2, when Lucania will meet in Sardinia with the masks of the "Mamutzones" of Samugheo that will accompany those of Aliano. Aliano

    This year the appointments with the historical Carnival parades are scheduled for 17th and 24th February, 3rd and 5th March; with a special appointment on March 2, when Lucania will meet in Sardinia with...

    Village of Aliano | Know more

  • San Luigi Gonzaga
    From 21-06-2019 To 21-07-2019 | Aliano (MT)
    Patronal parties

    Add to calendar 2019-06-21 2019-07-21 Europe/Rome San Luigi Gonzaga Aliano

    Village of Aliano

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