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22 Italian chefs will battle for the Gold of Spello

Wednesday 15 november 2017

From 17 to 19 November the event "Oro di Spello" will exalt the gastronomic panorama of the territory, with great dishes and exclusive showcooking.

22 Italian chefs will battle for the Gold of Spello

The "Feast of the Olive Tree and Bruschetta Festival" was born in 1963 and is one of the most ancient of Europe. Since 2007 has become part of a wider event that takes the name of "L'Oro di Spello" that proposes to evaluate all the things that for the village is treasure, with particular attention to the extra virgin olive oil, the most important and representative gastronomic product of the territory. There are numerous initiatives to promote all the riches of the village: the manufacturing excellence, the landscape and cultural traditions. For an entire weekend the village of Spello will amaze you with theme preparations in the showcases of the historic center, conferences and editorial presentations. The event has had this year two prestigious previews on Sunday 12 November and the second on Monday 13, at the CosmoFood of Vicenza.

For three days, from 17 to 19 November the Oro di Spello will animate the village through a calendar of over 30 events dedicated to oil and kitchen, with the presence of 22 cooks, many of which coming from a cape to the other of the italian peninsula, from Veneto to Calabria. The objective is to celebrate “the umbrian new oil” all round, by highlighting the role of protagonist in the Italian gastronomy and contemporary d’author. From here the formula that compares traditions, techniques and, especially, different cuisines (for geographical location, but also for the creative spirit) through paths to four hands, seminars and showcooking. “Spello, Umbria Region and the Oil are the heart, not only geographically, of Italy that finds in her regional cuisines in his great and authentic distinction” - says Fontaneto Jacopo, gastronomic critic and Artistic Director of the event, promoted by the Municipality and the Pro Loco di Spello - “The future lies in the dialog and in the interchange between these traditions, and Umbrian Oil is the element that can make the difference, and generate new experiments”. A formula that has now found the support, enthusiastic, of the mayor Landrini Moreno and the Culture Councillor Irene Falcinelli, that last year already have laid the foundations for a profound renewal of manifestation.

Will be 22 chefs protagonists of l’Oro di Spello: as stated, in addition to the Umbrian cooks of Spello (Monia Caneschi, Barbara Fusari, Renato Crash, Francesco Marino, Mirco Palini, Danilo Peppoloni, Alessandro Pescetelli, Sara Romagnoli, Maurizio Salerno and Francesco dyed) there are the guest cooks, coming from the whole Italy: Giorgio Arrighini (Lombardy), Roberto Balgisi (Liguria), Samuel Bettini (Veneto), Giuseppe Crimaldi (Campania), Giorgio De Fabiani (Piedmont), Paul Fioravanti (Tuscany, USA), Franco Gagliardi (Calabria), Daniel Girbea (Piedmont), Corrado Mora (Piedmont), Giancarlo Rebuscini (Piedmont), Agostino Hall (Piedmont) and Massimo Sgobba (Puglia). In addition, obviously, to the volunteers who will cook in three dinners on Saturday evening at the Terzieri.

The event will start at 8 pm on Friday 17 November, with seven "four hands dinners". Each local chef welcome a guest chef, which will bring the tradition of its dishes, enriched with the Oil of Spello. You will assist to novel interpretations, exclusive showcooking, big news as the event "Usa to Italy: International Gourmet bruschetta" that will be held on Saturday 18 and traditional Terzieri Dinners, a culinary challenge that will committed the ancient districts of the village of Spello: Porta Chiusa, Mezota and Pusterula.

The feast will stop on Sunday 19 in the furrow of tradition, with the Benfinita Feast and its parade of characteristic wagons embellished by olive branches, and with the traditional Risottata in Kennedy Square, at 16.30 pm, simultaneously with the award ceremony of the wagons. An evocation of those popular traditions and peasants who today become the occasion of promotion of achievements and moment of reflection on the value of cultural roots territory.

A formula, that this year he has not forgotten traditions and canon appointments of the Feast of Olive Tree and bruschetta, such as Show Market of typical products and that of handicraft products, the trekking to the discovery of the Roman aqueduct of Spello, by the Association Spellocammina, the exhibition of vintage tractors, the shows the Ammonites through time, Spello Underground and lessons of Lyengar Yoga, theater performances and exhibitions dedicated to the oil.

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