A selection of entertainment and culture events not to be missed in the villages in November


Shows, concerts and meetings not to be missed in the villages this month
Sat, 11 Nov 2017

Shows, concerts and meetings not to be missed in the villages this month

Not only festivals and patron saints but culture, music, historical re-enactments, exhibitions and meetings. The events in the villages never cease to amaze. In this selection for the coming days of November we find shows, music, stories, taste and much more. Good fun.

Spettacolo "Aladin - il grande musical" | 11-11-2017 in Lovere (BG) ...know more
Shows -
from 20:45
Iliad-Infinite War | 11-11-2017 a Sabbioneta (MN)
Meetings - "The Lament of Andromache, Hecuba, Elena, is similar to that of all women who have suffered the violence of war, any war.
A Aedo, accompanied by the Lyra and other instruments of ancient Greece, tells the story of the heroes and women of the Trojan War: the First Great War that puts the sufferings of all the wars that, then as today, afflict humanity. "
A theatrical reading of the poem of the War of which Homer lets glimpse a road to build a world of peace.
from 18:00
Racconti DiVini - III edizione | 11-11-2017 a Locorotondo (BA)
Meetings - It will take place on November 11th at the Doks 101 of Locorotondo The award ceremony of the Literary contest Divine Tales, conceived by Gallegos publisher of Locorotondo...
"Who brings me to the theatre?" | from 12-11-2017 to 21-01-2018 a Asolo (TV) ...know more
Shows - Three unmissable events dedicated to families. A wonderful journey into imagination, imagination and narration that only the theatre can donate, a dip in a sea of intense emotions. So, mom, dad, who brings me to the theater?
The name of the sites of Tremosine sul Garda | 17-11-2017 a Tremosine sul Garda (BS) ...know more
Meetings - at the MUST Museum of Pieve in Tremosine sul Garda, the Asar Association meets the inhabitants for presenting the results of research on the names of our sites and calls for our collaboration to enrich the collection.
from 20:30
"From Marylin to Sophia" | 18-11-2017 in Montefiore Conca (RN) ...know more
Concerts - A concert of music and images that wants to remember and pay homage to the great women and divas of Italian and international cinema.
Free Entrance
from 21:15
The Mysteries of the Castle | 18-11-2017 Zavattarello (PV) ...know more
Historical reenactments - From legends to strange events through the investigations of the researchers of the paranormal, immerse yourself for a night in the mysteries of the castle of Zavattarello, linked to a now famous assassination. It is narrated that Pietro Dal Verme, poisoned by his second wife Chiara Sforza on 17 October 1485, both the presence that dwells in the halls of his old manor. Several unexplained facts took place inside the castle in the course of its long history: precisely from these, researchers of the paranormal have undertaken investigations of scientific type to learn more. And, having regard to the results, the investigations are still ongoing. During this special evening, visitors will be conducted in the special Tour of the Mystery, to discover the places where the protagonists of the legend and the mysterious events connected to it. Not a guided visit of the usual type, for telling historical events and admire the architecture of the millenary Rocca, but a real journey to get to know the most mysterious and obscure. A path that will lead to the inside of each room of the castle in a touring show: we must be careful because behind every corner might hide a surprise... Every year in spring and autumn.
Christmas Light Show | from 18-11-2017 to 05-01-2018 in Camogli (GE) ...know more
Shows - The Christmas lights Show is a synchronized Christmas light show that dances to the rhythm of music.
The ancient Lazio volcano | 19-11-2017 a Rocca di Papa (RM)
Excursions - Archaeological excursion on Monte Cavo, departure at 9.30, from Piazza Giuseppe di Vittorio, Rocca di Papa-duration 3 hours length 5 km-contribution €4
from 09:30
Children's Rights Day | 24-11-2017 a Celle Ligure (SV)
Meetings - With exhibition of the work carried out by the children during the workshop of contemporary Art "as... Mirò ". At the end of the snack.
from 16:00
“Dal bel canto allo swing” | 25-11-2017 in Montefiore Conca (RN) ...know more
Concerts - A musical journey from the most famous opera arias, Neapolitan songs, songs by Astor Piazzolla, to the melodies of classic pop songs to give unique emotions.
Free Entrance
from 21:15
"The heart does not forget" | 25-11-2017 in Asolo (TV)
Shows - The heart does not forget born from the writings of Marisa Basso that of her own experience as a daughter of a mother suffering from Alzheimer's disease wanted to give a written testimony to ensure that her experience could help to understand and love who is Been struck by this serious illness. The result is to transmit a beautiful love story between two people, mother and daughter.
Free entrance.
from 20:30

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