An ancient proverb says "On San Martino every must becomes wine", a date between summer and winter devoted to the saint and celebrated in most of the country. Here is our selection of events in the villages between the 10th and the 12th November 2017


San Martino's summer in the villages: events, fairs and markets not to be missed on November 11
Wed, 08 Nov 2017

San Martino's summer in the villages: events, fairs and markets not to be missed on November 11

San Martino form Tours (Sabaria Sicca, 316 - Candes-Saint-Martin, November 8, 397) was a bishop of the fourth century in Gaul in the late Roman empire. Venerated not only by the Catholic Church, but also by the Orthodox and the Coptic, was among the first saints not martyrs proclaimed by the Catholic Church and one of the great saints of Gaul.

St. Martin's worship is celebrated on November 11, date of his burial, and is widely felt in many countries and in many part of Italy. Just in Italy the days adjacent to the holy feast are called "San Martino's Summer", a time of the year during which the works of the fields were over and the winter had not yet come. Until recently, in agricultural areas, November 11 marked the date of expiry and the beginning of rental or mezzanine contracts. It was therefore unusual to come across wagons that moved from one farm to another by making "San Martino", or "moving". San Martino's day is also symbolically associated with the ripening of the new wine (see the saying "A San Martino every must becomes wine") and then an occasion to have a toast and celebrate. Among the popular proverbs dedicated to November 11 we also find "San Martino's summer is for three days and is just little" and "for Saint Martin the seeding of the poor."

At 1620 years from the burial, the next weekend seems to be an interesting one, and here is a selection of fairs, events, patron saints, festivals and markets not to be missed in the villages during the "San Martino Summer".

San Martino Fair | 11-11-2017 in Sarteano (SI)
Expo - in Contrada San Martino
San Martino | 11-11-2017 in Ayas (AO)
Patronal parties -
San Martino | 11-11-2017 in Framura (SP)
Patronal parties -
San Martino | 11-11-2017 in Seborga (IM)
Patronal parties -
San Martino, in Fiera also artisans and exhibitors. | from 11-11-2017 to 12-11-2017 in Grottammare (AP) ...know more
Street markets - 341 itinerant merchants who will represent 5 categories of merchandise (miscellaneous goods, foodstuffs, households and hardware, administration of food and beverages, animals and flowers), then there are direct producers, exhibitors and promoters and the world No profit.
Festa di San Martino | from 12-11-2017 to 13-11-2017 in Vogogna (VB) ...know more
Patronal parties - Two days of festival in the ancient stone village with gastronomy and animation. Traditional Saturday "tripped", while Sunday are waiting for polenta and Tapelucco and from 3.00 p.m. Distribution of chestnuts.

Discover all other events in the villages from our Events page.

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