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Neri Marcorè and RisorgiMarche

Friday 23 june 2017

On June 25, 'Risorgi Marche' will begin, the festival created by Neri Marcorè, with the participation of Niccolò Fabi and many other Italian artists, to help people affected by the seismic shocks recorded last year in Central Italy.

Neri Marcorè and RisorgiMarche

Only the Marche region represents 57 percent of the total population that affected by the earthquake that affected the centre of Italy: 32 thousand displaced persons, 131out of 229 municipalities involved, 30 percent of workers and 24 percent of businesses affected, nearly 1,000 churches damaged, 2,600 pieces of art severely ruined. These are the impressive numbers that alone make you realize how difficult this situation is to overcome.

Fortunately there are Italian artists devoted to their own territory, who wanted to make their best to bring back the heart of our Peninsula. Like Neri Marcorè, who, after visiting Arquata last September and after the second shock on 30th October, wanted to engage in an initiative embracing all the communities concerned  wider breath than a simple, even though useful fundraising , in order to bring affection and solidarity to those people forced to change life all of a sudden. All without overlapping the political tasks.

And what better language to touch the ropes of emotions, with the aim of raising people from all over the world, than art and music?
Here comes the idea of ​​a widespread festival in the area that could attract people from all over Italy, and perhaps from abroad, and involving artists of great prestige. That's how RisorgiMarche was born: a festival full of concerts of great Italian artists who will contribute to the revival of the territory.

Here is the program for you:
Niccolò Fabi and Gnu Quartet, on June 25 at 16:30 in Spelonga (Arquata del Tronto AP)
Malika Ayane, July 7 at 4:30 pm at Domus San Bonfilio (Cignoli MC)
Daiana Lou, 8 July at 4:30 pm in Propezzano (Montegallo AP)
Ron, 9 July at 16:30 in Pintura di Bologna (Bolognola MC)
Enrico Ruggeri, on July 12 in Campolungo (Amandola FM)
Paola Turci, July 20 at 16:30 at Piani di Ragnolo (Fiastra / Sarnano MC)
Bungaro, on July 23 at 16:30 in Monte di Rocca Colonnata (San Genesio MC)
Samuele Bersani, July 25 at 16:30 in Pian dell'Elmo (Apiro / San Severino Marche MC)
Daniele Silvestri, July 27 at 16:30 in Rubbiano (Montefortino FM)
•  Fiorella Mannoia and Luca Barbarossa, July 30 at 16:30 in Morro (Camerino MC)
Brunori Sas, July 31 at 4:30 pm at Foce (Montemonaco AP)
Max Gazzè, 2 August at 16:30 in Montelago Plateau (Sefro MC)
Francesco Degregori and Gnu Quartet Form, August 3 at 16:30 in Macereto (Pieve Torina / Visso MC)

Other added values ​​to the initiative is the landscape, nature and ecology: the stage will be the most beautiful panoramic lawns of the Marches, with the sole scenery of the profiles of the Sibillini Mountains and the blue sky. All without the need for artificial lights, because the only source of illumination will be the light that the afternoon sun can give on summer days.

The low impact on the environment is ensured by the fact that the energy for the instrumentation will be supplied by accumulators and the motor vehicles will be left at a distance, out of reach; Which will give you the chance to walk or ride to get to the show's place together with other people.

Another plus? Unlimited capacity: The outdoor location has no numbered seats and, therefore, they can never run out. You just have to bring a blanket or cushions to sit on the grass and enjoy open, unrestricted barriers, if not natural, accessible from the morning and enjoyable even after the end of the concert; leaving stress and worries at home.

RisorgiMarche will also give the opportunity to all those local producers who have had to stop or reduce their business due to the earthquake, to expose and sell their products in specially equipped areas, set up in strategic points, close to or in the Country of the concert hall of the concert, however not too far from the parking lots

A great initiative, yes, but also a great challenge that requires the utmost collaboration from the public, who must commit themselves to leaving the meadows as clean ad they found them. The areas will be equipped with specially designed containers but, in any case, backpacks and handbags can be used to keep empty bottles and crumpled bags. Finally, participants are required to respect the organizers' invitations and the work of artists and operators.

Even if someone thinks that this event is a threat to the preservation of the beautiful Marche lawns, the staff of Borghi Magazine is confident that the initiative will be of great success and that the public will be able to express love for this territory Even through respect for the environment.

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