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All the villages and all the events during the Romantic Night of the Most Beautiful Villages in Italy

Wednesday 14 june 2017

On the 24th of June will be held "The Romantic Night of the Most Beautiful Villages in Italy - the White Night of the Beloved." Here are all the villages where to celebrate it and, where available, initiatives and events divided by region.

All the villages and all the events during the Romantic Night of the Most Beautiful Villages in Italy

On June 24 will be held "The Romantic Night (Notte Romantica) of the Most Beautiful Villages in Italy - The White Night of the Beloved", an opportunity to celebrate love in all its forms: love for loved ones, but also love for beauty, Arts, nature, but above all love for our land and for our villages.

La Notte Romantica dei Borghi Più Belli d'Italia

Among the streets and the charming historic centers of 200 Italian hamlets, named among the most beautiful in Italy, you will find numerous outdoor events that will enhance the richness of these territories from the natural, historical, artistic and cultural heritage point of view In an evening dedicated to feelings and emotions.
In addition, the restaurants and bars of the adherents towns will offer theme menus for candlelight dinners and aperitifs with typical local specialties, and to cap it all, a dessert created for the occasion titled "Thought of love". And at midnight ... a romantic kiss in the midst of a myriad of red balloons and lanterns!

A brief video fo the 2016 edition in the village of Tagliacozzo.


Below you can find all the municipalities involved in the initiative and, where available, the initiatives and the special events in the villages divided by region:

Abruzzo Apulia
Basilicata Calabria
Campania Emilia-Romagna
Friuli-Venezia Giulia Lazio
Liguria Lombardy
Marches Molise
Piedmont Sardinia
Sicily Trentino-South Tyrol
Tuscany Umbria


  • Abbateggio
  • Anversa Degli Abruzzi
  • Bugnara
  • Castel Del Monte
  • Castelli
  • Guardiagrele
  • Opi
  • Penne
  • Pescocostanzo
    15:30 pm traveling music band "Band of Brigands" folk band
    18:00 Basilica Santa Maria del Colle: Mass celebration. All married couples and girlfriends are sent to renew their promises.
    Romantic dinner to discover the tastes of our village in the restaurants participating in the initiative.
    22:00 Town Hall "Melodies in the Villages" unforgettable songs in precious places, Andrea & Quartett
    And midnight at the Town Hall Square: lantern launch
    Event "From Sunrise to Dawn" - Italian fs association and cultural association friends of railroad rails - trip on the Trans-Siberian Italy
    18:30 departure from attack, arctic high in Palena and sunset with tasting, guided excursions,
    21:30 historic train to the fisherman's station
    01:00 train to stage for theatrical performance "Wolf in Canto" curated by Murè theater "
    6.30 clock at dawn
    7 departure and return to Sulmona
  • Pettorano Sul Gizio
  • Pretoro
  • Rocca San Giovanni
  • Santo Stefano Di Sessanio
  • Scanno
  • Tagliacozzo

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  • Atrani
  • Conca Dei Marini
  • Furore
  • Montesarchio
  • Monteverde
  • Zungoli
    • In Piazza Castello: at 5:30 pm aperitif, at 20:30 preview of presentation of the collection of poetry and "Radici e Desinenze" curated by Letizia De Luca, at 21:30 theatrical performance "Bravo pour le clown" curated by Luca Morelli
    • In Via Giudea: at 20:00 opening of the gardens "Tetè à Thè" corner of romantic tastings - tasting of hot nougat by the company "Dolci Terre". Opening "Casa delle Bollicine" tasting of "Orvo Rosè" sparkling wine of Tenuta Cavalier Pepe. Bob Dylan told in music, painting and poetry by Barbara Maraio, Oto Ciasullo and Fabrizio Procopio
    • In Piazza Municipio, at 20:30 "Romantic Dinner" by L'Angolo Verde restaurant and street food by ADM Zungoli. At 9.30 pm "Against Verses" voices, music and words from the post-unit brigade by Vientoeboria. At 23:00 Stefan Pribagu and Francesca Sutera in Live Acoustic Guitar Loopstation Voice.
    • In Largo Chiesa from 21:00 to 23:00 Tango exhibition by the Mujeres del Tango Cultural Association
    • In Via Gelso, at 00:30 Cocktail Party and Dj Set in collaboration with Zetaquadro Bar
    • At midnight Breathtaking Minute, midnight kiss with balloons and toast
    • Also from 16:00 to 20:00 will be the Zungoli in Moto event, romantic bike ride in the streets of the village

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  • Bobbio
  • Brisighella
    • Brisighella represents her most eye-catching and seductive love with the burlesque show of BB Burlesque Ballet, which with retro-reflective costumes inspires the variety of the '40s and' 50s.
    • With "Petit Cabaret 1924", however, under a circus tent, the faraway days of the Parisian Années Folles, thanks to jazz, swing and charleston music, and skilled and trained jugglers, acrobats, drummers and dancers, will spring up. In Piazza Carducci, the Italian-Spanish company Flamenque Vive will surprise you with flamenco, typical local dances and serenades.
  • Castell’Arquato
    • Castell'Arquato is divided into two: in the lower part there will be live music, street food and many open shops, while in the upper part the atmosphere becomes more intimate and romantic with soft music and theme visits at the Rocca viscontea, which will be exceptionally open from 21:00 to 23:00. Finally, at Castell'Arquato's Town Hall, you will be able to taste love with a special cocktail and book your picnic basket.
  • Compiano
  • Dozza
    • On the occasion of the Romantic Night, the Rocca di Dozza will remain open until 22:30
  • Montefiore Conca
  • Montegridolfo
  • San Leo
    • From 9.30 pm in Dante Square you will alternate on romantic songs from the 60s and 70s, tango dancers and Dj Gigi pieces to move to the rhythm of the most talked-about songs. The romantic midnight kiss will be on Charlie Chaplin's "Eternally" notes.
  • Vigoleno
  • Verucchio

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Friuli-Venezia Giulia

  • Cordovado
    • During the romantic dinner at 20:00 you will be attending the amateur intrigues with a spectacle in yellow played by Anathema theater company. At 23.30 instead, there will be the musical show SONGS - an intimate portrait.
  • Fagagna
    • The inhabitants of Fagnana will make you stay up late, but with a sweet reward: after a dinner and an evening full of entertainment, at 6:00 there will be the concert at the dawn of the Ensemble Fadiesis group, after which there will be breakfast with views of the castle.
  • Frisanco
  • Gradisca D’isonzo
    • Gradisca D'Isonzo welcomes you at 7pm with a welcome drink at the "La Serenissima" wine cellar. Following is a romantic dinner under the stars and the performance of the Royal Band with "In song of notes".
  • Polcenigo
    • At 8.30 pm, the company Molino Rosenkranz scours the great classics of literature with a theatrical event titled "An Infinite Hope of Passion of the Seventeenth Century. In addition, the next day from 16:00 to 19:00 you can be guided by Susi Moro to discover the Borgo
  • Sesto Al Reghena
    • In this village the romantic night becomes a real celebration of beauty: at 19:30 there will be a fashion show, at the end of which will be elected Miss Romantic Night 2017, in collaboration with the national beauty contest "One face For photomodel ". At 8.30 pm the evening will end with the acrobatic theater show "The romantic night of the magical moon". 
  • Toppo
    • Begins at 5:30 pm with the guided tour of the village and the castle and at 19:30 the welcome aperitif by the local restaurants, which will spoil the "family soufflé", a dinner-show for "acrobats of the heart".
  • Trivignano Udinese
  • Valvasone Arzene
    • At 19:00, at the same time as the aperitif, will be presented the book "In the Tango Chiaroscuro". If after hearing this title you will want to dance, at 21:30 there will be the "Great Evening Milonga" the "Todo es Amor" concert with the musicalizador Carlo Carcano and Tango Spleen Cuarteto in "Todo es amor". At 23.30 the evening will end with the stunts of "Forme Uniche", a vertical dance show by the company Il Posto.
  • Venzone
    • Following a romantic dinner in the Loggia del Palazzo Comunale, at 9.30 pm you can listen to the music show and words "The Future Possible".

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  • Amatrice
  • Boville Ernica
    • Boville Ernica begins the Romantic Night at 18:00 with the "Giotto Prize" ceremony for the "Aurora Bandistico Complex" association, which at 19:30, after visiting the village, will perform in concert. Always at 7:30 pm there will be a succulent pizza tasting by the Pizza Academy and White Arts. At 21:00 "flame and fire of love": Light games with street artists and animation shows for children. At 8 pm the Astronomical Observatory of Campo Catino will show the "Stars Romanticism" through the observation of the stars. At about 24 a pyrotechnic show will outline the launch of the lanterns. Throughout the evening on the streets of the village you will hear songs interpreted by the L. Refice Conservatory of Frosinone.
  • Castel Gandolfo
  • Castro Dei Volsci
  • Greccio
  • Foglia
  • Orvinio
  • Pico
  • Subiaco
    • During the evening Subiaco will be animated "Fieramente il libro" by the Subiaco City of the Book Committee, concerts in the square by the Music Art Studio Subiaco.
    • To fully discover even the most remote corners of the village will be held the SPRINT Regional Championship of orienteering at the historic city center, organized by the Orientia Group Subiaco.

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  • Apricale
    • Roberta Allosio and Armando Corsi will give a concertcomprehendingsongs from the most famous atists, as well as music coming from the local tradition.
  • Borgio Verezzi
  • Campo Ligure
  • Castelbianco
  • Cervo
    • the event will begin at 18:30 with romantic walks with music in background, played by the groups Pantamusica and Amdeus from Imperia. After the happy hour and the dinner, the beach “Spiaggia dei Piloni” will be be the theatre of an idillic event: the sea sprinkled with hundreds of candles, the perfect coreography for the concert of the group “Compagni di Viaggio”
  • Finalborgo
    • During this special occasion, all the historic palaces, which are usually closed will be opened to the public and will be transfomed into the perfect scenario for live concerts, in wich the Accademia Musicale del Finale will take part. At 18:00 the atmosphere will be dramaticcaly misterious with the “clandestine mazurka”. Together with the delicoius menu offered by the restaurants, the town will be decorated with flower compositions, baloons, and theme day shopping windows.
  • Framura
    • at the town market, you will have the opportunity to appreciate and love the craftmanship and the local products of the local tradition. The final show will be an acrobati vertical dance performance, that will amaze you 
  • Laigueglia
  • Lerici
  • Millesimo
    • As an elegant gentlement, the hamlet will be dressed in white with blue details for the the romanticdinner. Plus, a social event: an Instagram Contest #BorgoRomantico2017, which was really successful last year.
  • Moneglia
    • love will be celebrated in the all the streets, squares and places, through drama, music , dance, dance, movie and exhibitions. Moreover, the hamlet will propose again the succesu Instagram Contest #BorghiRomantici2017, as well as the poetry contest.
  • Triora

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  • Bienno
  • Castelponzone
    • the collonade will host the performance “Sul sentiero” with words and music from Fabio Turchetti, after which you can have a tasty icecream offered by the shop “ Gelateria Splash”. Plus, at the little price of 4 euro, you can enjoy a guided visit through the hamlet with the only light of stars.
  • Fortunago
    • the craft beer pub “Stuvenagh” will organise a romantic happy hour, accompanied by the musical duo “the winetellers”. The participant will als get a coupon for a free beer at the pub during the night, in roder to give you the possibility to taste it during the visit of the hamlet.
  • Gromo
    • Gromo is also romantically social and with the Instagram #Borghiromantici2017 Contest, who will post their theme photos "Love and Beauty", taken during this magical night, will be able to win a weekend in one of the villages.
    • But poetry will also be part of it: in fact, it will be possible to participate in another contest: "Poesie dal Borgo", which gives the opportunity to publish poems, thoughts and reflections on the villages and the love that will spring out during the evening. The winner will be awarded with a Smartbox.
  • Lovere
    • To be the prelude to the event will be the guitar and violin exhibition of the "EXIBITION DUO" at the Fresco Hall of the Tadini Academy. The corners of the most picturesque village will be highlighted by floral decorations and scenic lighting, which will be the backdrop to events such as the harp concert in the alley tower, the Rome and Juliet performances in Piazza V. Emanuele II, theatrical performances traveling in Ancient village and selfie- corner # borgomantico2017 in via Gramsci.
  • Monte Isola
    • The romantic night opens at 4:30 pm with a band concert in the square and the 17 "Bollicine at Monte Isola", a nice aperitif on the lake side by local wineries, with 15 euros you can taste the wines and specialties "Bollicine at Monte Isola" you will be able to taste wines and other island excellence such as "Salame Olio e Sardine".
    • At 8:30 pm there will be a classical dance performance of the Asd dance association and at 9:00 pm a moonlit promenade from Peschiera Sensole to the olive trees, accompanied by music and poems from the "Celia and the Bricks" group. Finally, at 9.30 pm there will be the performance of the Peschiera "lakefront" archery group
  • Castellaro Lagusello
  • Morimondo
    • The evening will begin in the Courtyard of the Restaurant "La Commenda" with the Rosate band concert on Ennio Morricone's notes.
    • Via dances in Corte dei Cistercensi with music of Viennese waltz and Argentine tango. In St. Bernard Square there is a parade of wedding dresses.
    • In Via Roma the songwriters of Abbiategrasso will go on stage with "A Usteria cun nustalgia"
  • Gradella
    • The romantic night at Gradella spends on noses up. In addition to aperitifs, candlelight dinner and lanterns and other events such as photographic exhibitions and musical entertainment, the stars will be starred in a magical atmosphere at Gradella.
  • San Benedetto Po
  • Soncino
  • Tremosine Sul Garda
    • At 16:30 there will be the opening of the markets and the painting exhibition, then visit the village and the new museum at 17:30.
    • After the aperitif and dinner at 20:30, the Chronos theatrical company will offer some Boccaccio novels with the review "Decameron - Of women, of wizards, of hawks and love" and ending at 9:30 pm a music concert Classic in the parish church
  • Zavattarello
    • Zavattarello will distribute love gadgets, just as a whimsical cupid makes with his arrows, and will allow night-time visits to Zavattarello Castle from Verme from 20:30 to 23:30

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  • Corinaldo
  • Frontino
    • Frontino will offer you a magical dinner around the well "from Baroque to Liberty" accompanied by a Summer Solstice Concert performed by 8 players of St. Jerome
  • Gradara
  • Grottammare
  • Macerata Feltria
  • Mondavio
    • After a brief visit to the village at 19:00, at 20:15 there will be an aperitif on the canopy by the bar the Duca and at 21 pm a dinner on the Piazzale della Rocca organized by the restaurant La Palomba animated with live music from the Gruppo Storico Of the Pro Loco
  • Mondolfo
  • Montecassiano
  • Montefiore Aso
    • Montefiore Aso pays homage to his love of art and begins the evening with an "Art Aperitif" in collaboration with the association with the local wineries and the association "Montefiore con Gusto" during which you will be able to assist to a live painting performance on a background of romantic notes and thoughts of love. Continue with the theme dinner set up by the "Cinque Colli" tavern and the restaurant "Dea Flora". All visitors will also be able to participate in the contest #BorgoRomantico2017 and send their own photos "Love and Beauty" theme.
  • Monte Grimano Terme
    • The famous #Bookcrossing town, dedicates the Romantic Night to books and literature.
    • Wandering around the village you will be able to see the marketplace of the #Amore unique local crafts creations, along with the gastronomic products of the area.
  • Moresco
  • Offida
  • San Ginesio
  • Sarnano
  • Servigliano
  • Torre Di Palme
  • Treia
  • Montefabbri
  • Visso

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  • Fornelli
    • Presentation of the book "La scelta" by Rosanna Evangelista in the piazzetta della lettura
    • Itinerant show folk group "Ru 'Ntrecce" by Macchiagodena
    • Exhibition of vintage cars and motorcycles
    • Musical Performance "The barracks singers serenades
    • Visit the village for couples in love
    • Midnight kiss and lanterns
  • Frosolone

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  • Candelo
    • Candelo presents “Notte romantica at Bar la Torre” a musical apericena (happy hour and dinner) with Marella Motta ed Emanuele Pella (book at 345 4414821).
    • The hamlet celelbrates also the European Music Festival. Moreover, on the 25th June there will be the comics exhibition “Fumetti al Ricetto”, thanks to the collaboration with the Proloco of Candelo and the association “Creative Comics”
  • Garbagna
    • all the restaurants will organise candle light dinners, together with enchanting music that will give life to the town.
  • Garessio
    • you will have the opportunity to walk through the hamlet and taste delicious dishes and local wines. Everything will be surrouded by poems and localconcerts, in order to create a magic atmosphere.
  • Mombaldone
  • Orta San Giulio
    • At Orta San Giulio the passion of love blends with the passion for music: the hamplet, indeed will host two music festivals. The first one is the Festival Cusiano di Musica Antica, which will perform “Storia di Babar” and “Celtic Delight”, and the Orta Jazz Festival.
    • Plus, visitors can experience a romntic cruise around San Giulio Isle. Finally, the eventwill end with the toast“ Bevenuta estate”, to celebrate the beginning of summer.
  • Ostana
    • Ostana offers romantic walks through the “enchanted forest”. At 20:00 the restaurants “Rifugio Galabrena” will prepare a romantic dinner. The dinner will anticipate the bill posting of romantic messages through the hamlet, that will take place at 23:00 around the “tree of love”, situated in front of the municipality.
  • Usseaux- Torino
    • Usseaux will celebrate the romantic night will be celebrated together with the event “Borghi al Vino”, a taste itinerary to try local wines and products. During the night you will also have the opportunity to discover the processes of making bread, thanks to “the path of bread from the Mulino Canton ti the Forno di Borgata”.
    • The municipality will also provide photo exhibitons, street food, music, shows and visits.
  • Vogogna

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  • Atzara
    • Several events are held in the main squares, bars and restaurants of the municipality
    • 18:30 the country of balloons, entertainment for families and children, group games and shows
    • Aperitifs and crepes at the bar the piazzetta
    • 22 shows of focus lights, jugglers, poems and songs readings
  • Bosa
  • Carloforte
  • Castelsardo
  • Posada

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  • Castelmola
  • Castiglione Di Sicilia
  • Castroreale
  • Cefalù
  • Ferla
  • Gangi
  • Geraci Siculo
  • Milazzo
  • Montalbano Elicona
  • Novara Di Sicilia
  • Palazzolo Acreide
  • Petralia Soprana
  • Salemi
    • The the "ROMANTIC NIGHT in the most beautiful villages of Italy" this year on June 24th, the Association Free Space Onlus with the sponsorship of the Municipality of Salemi proposes a special tasting: "With Tea In love in the dark" cup of tea can turn into an extraordinary experience, discovering new dimensions, surprisingly simple. The goal is to experience how the perception of reality and communication can be much deeper and intense in the absence of light. Participants can test themselves by stimulating their senses by experiencing a fun, powerful, and engaging experience. The event will take place in an Alicia square building from 21.30 to 23.30. In addition to enjoying a tea in the dark between sweet music and pastries you will be able to listen to some reading related to the essence of tea, in this case the theme is love. Info and reservations 328 84 15251 Paola Gandolfo
  • Sambuca Di Sicilia
  • Savoca
  • Sperlinga
  • Sutera

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Trentino-Alto Adige

  • Egnaì
  • Canale Di Tenno
    • At 20:45 will delight us with a musical concert entitled "Between soul and sky"
  • Rango
  • San Lorenzo Dorsino

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  • Acquasparta
  • Allerona
  • Arrone
  • Bettona
    • Bettona gives you the opportunity to buy an open ticket to choose where to dine.
    • Throughout the village you will also find open churches, markets, exhibitions and exhibitions of painters of the East.
    • At 21:00, do not miss the tour of the boys of the music group "Magicaboola".
  • Bevagna
  • Castiglione Del Lago
  • Citerna
  • Giove
  • Lugnano In Teverina
  • Massa Martana
  • Monte Castello Di Vibio
  • Montefalco
    • At Montefalco the day starts with a Fiat Topolino rally and then continues with themed aperitifs, art exhibitions, children's entertainment and concerts until midnight, where you can finally swap the famous "breathtaking kiss" of Umbria.
    • The municipal administration in collaboration with La Sagrantino Road is organizing a "bike tour" to discover the most romantic places in the city and the area. Finally, the Contest Instagram #BorgoRomantico 2017 and the Poetry Contest
  • Montone
  • Norcia
  • Panicale
    • Panicale will give us a concert with Odicòn Vocal Quartet at the Cesare Caporali Theater.
    • For the more athletes from Umberto I Square, will depart at 20:00 with a return to the 22:30 "Romantic Trekking" a sunset hike to greet the arrival of summer and the longest days of the year. When returning you can enjoy romantic dinners at the restaurants "Masolino and" The cock in the well ". To finish at 21:00, always in Piazza Umberto I you can attend the Acoustic Jazz "Black Coffee" concert organized by the Borgo Commerciale Naturale
  • Piediluco
  • Preci
  • San Gemini
  • Sellano
  • Spello
  • Torgiano
  • Trevi
    • In Trevi the Romantic Night means first of all well-being. The program starts at 12:30 with a striking pedal to discover hidden and charming places, which will last until 16:30. At 5:30 pm, free yoga sessions will be organized. Wellness also goes through beauty and you will receive free nailart and makeup. And finally: fashion! At 9.30 pm at Villafrife's Ninfeo there will be the wedding dresses by Elsa Sposi and Alfrida and Walter Hairstyles on the notes of romantic live music by the duo Angelica and Luca, conducted by Ambra Cenci.
  • Vallo Di Nera

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  • Arquà Petrarca
    • Arquà Petrarca will offer a fantastic evening of music and poetry under the stars thanks to "Journey Through History of Canisters Epistles - you listening to scattered rhymes", a three-stage journey along the village
  • Borghetto
  • Cison Di Valmarino
    • Cison di Valmarino will welcome you with a large buffet and will arrange an open air dinner in the heart of the village, in the picturesque Piazza Roma. The menu includes: appetizer, 2 first, 2 seconds, selection of wines, mixed cheeses with champignons, sweet and coffee.
  • Follina
    • At the end of an evening immersed in street food and live music, you can take a hot air balloon ride to the stars, where you can swap a romantic midnight kiss and watch Follina from a breathtaking perspective.
  • Montagnana
  • Sottoguda
    • At Sottoguda the fun begins early in the morning: At 9:00 pm you will depart from the Sottoguda Tourist Office for a mountain hike where at 12:00 there will be a group selfie in the heart of the Dolomites and the inauguration of the Greenwich Monument Of the Dolomites. The return is scheduled for 16:30, just in time to prepare for the romantic dinner of 19:30 and at the Folk Marmolada group show at Sottoguda Square at 21:30. Finally, after the tasting of the theme sweet in the Serrai of Sottoguda at 23:00, at midnight you can express your desire and fly it with the launch of the lanterns.

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