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The Casorati itinerary in the village of Pavarolo

Tuesday 16 may 2017

Among the streets of Pavarolo, on the hill of Turin

The Casorati itinerary in the village of Pavarolo

“To open the windows and get the air inside my painting”, thus said Felice Casorati (1883-1963) in his study of Pavarolo, on the hill of Turin. Visit Pavarolo, charming village on the hill of Turin - famous also for food and wine, as the typical fritto misto alla piemontese - allows you to walk the “Casorati Trail”, dedicated to the great Italian painter of the twentieth century, who chose Pavarolo as homeand studio, and the place where he is buried, in the local cemetery.

Studio-Museo Felice Casorati, Parvolo

Six works on Plexiglas reproduce the works of Felice Casorati, of his wife Daphne Maugham and their son, Francesco. The studio of the painter has been recently opened to the public, thanks to the willingness of the heirs, to the support of the municipal administration and with the contribution of the Company of Sanpaolo.
The studio hosts temporary exhibitions, conferences and art laboratories.
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