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Villages in celebration: A summer of tradition and fun

Thursday 29 june 2023

In summer, Italian villages come alive through their events, offering a fun and engaging experience for visitors

Villages in celebration: A summer of tradition and fun

Italy, with its infinite beauty has a special hidden secret waiting to be discovered: its wonderful villages. Small treasure chests of history, tradition and authenticity, Italian villages represent a fundamental piece in the mosaic of Italian culture. Especially in summer, these charming places come alive, hosting a series of cultural, food and wine and musical events that draw visitors from all over the world.

Villages and their festivals are the perfect combination to reveal the heart of an area, rediscovering its roots, traditions, flavors and sounds. Summer events thus become a magnifying glass that brings into focus the texture of a heritage that has so much to tell.

To highlight the heritage of Italy's small villages and the many festivals that enliven them during the summer season, we will take you on a discovery of the rituals, melodies and flavors that make these destinations an authentic choice for a vacation of culture, relaxation and food and wine.

Summer festivals in the villages

In any self-respecting hamlet, summer is synonymous with celebration. Local festivals are the time when villages dress in their best clothes and show the world the best they have to offer. From Pienza's pecorino cheese to Ariccia's porchetta, each festival offers a delicious selection of local culinary specialties. Attending the festivals will not only satisfy your taste buds, but will also make you appreciate the passion and dedication that fuel Italian gastronomic culture.

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Music and Merriment for the Strade dei Borghi

Summer in Italian villages is also a season of melodies. Numerous music festivals enliven the streets of small and large towns, offering a variety of genres for all tastes. Whether you are a jazz fan, classical enthusiast or folk lover, you are sure to find an event that suits you. Take, for example, Umbria Jazz in Perugia or the Itria Valley Festival in Martina Franca-these events are as much a celebration of music as they are a way to explore and appreciate the beauty of these villages.

A summer vacation in an Italian village is much more than the discovery of a place. It represents an opportunity to immerse oneself in a rich and vibrant culture, to savor delicious local gastronomy and to participate in festivals that awaken the soul.

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