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Wine Experience Oschiri 2022

Thursday 21 july 2022

In the beautiful Gallura, the fourth edition of Oschiri Wine Experience 2022 was held.

Wine Experience Oschiri 2022

In beautiful Gallura, at the foot of Mount Limbara and Lake Coghinas, the new edition of Oschiri Wine Experience 2022 was held, now in its fourth year.

Industry experts, wine producers and simple wine lovers gathered to tell the world of wine in the round, enhancing the excellence of the various Sardinian territories and analyzing the current climate changes and new market trends.

A two-day event of oenological techniques, art and culture hosted in the charming village of Oschiri, famous both for its renowned "panadas," small savory pies stuffed with pork and herbs, and for the splendid Romanesque church Nostra Signora di Otti located in the rural locality.

The convention was opened by agronomist Giovanni Bigot who illustrated the necessary behaviors that the winemaker must implement in order to become an "ampelonaut," or a man at the center of the vineyard capable of observing the growth trend of the vines, trying to bring the necessary changes in a targeted and not generalized way always aiming at reducing water and phytosanitary waste.

Oenologist Mourad Ouada, on the other hand, brought numerous examples of how market tastes are changing, namely increased consumption for bubbles perhaps rosé and easy-drinking wines. He also showed how grapes and related wines are changing in the Bordeaux region, where he has worked for many Maisons for years, pointing out that in the past 15 years the alcoholic strength of red and white wines has increased by almost 3 degrees.

Of great interest was the talk by Andrea Pala, winner of the Best Young Winemaker 2021 award, who recounted his experience as an enhancer of the native grape variety Arvisionadu. A niche grape that is difficult to grow and make wine from because of low yields (about 40 l/q) and little pulp. The result is wines with few primary aromas but with interesting sulfurous hints, given by the proximity of thermal waters, and the possibility of long aging due to the presence of tannin from the many grape seeds.

In conclusion, the 2020 data on Sardinian wine production were presented where Cannonau is the master with 7385 hectares followed closely by Vermentino with 4850 and Monica with 2303. As for wine production, by municipality Alghero excels while among the provinces it is Sassari that stands out.

Finally, the enhancement of some minor grape varieties such as Bovale, Pascale, Nieddera and Cagnulari through their entry into the IGTs in particular the IGT Isola dei Nuraghi and the modification of some specifications to modernize them by introducing new categories such as sparkling wines and/or quality sparkling wines, for example, in Monica di Sardegna (rosé), Nuragus di Cagliari, Nasco di Cagliari, etc., was proposed.

Closing the day, at the theater's courtyard, was the Wine Party with the tasting of more than 200 labels of Sardinian wines and excellent cocktails by Emilio Rocchino of Spirits Boutique in Olbia.


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