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The BiancoLatte event returns to Crodo: a tribute to the autumnal flavours of Alta Ossola

Wednesday 13 october 2021

On Saturday 23 and Sunday 24 October 2021, Alta Ossola dairy products will be the stars of the long-awaited BiancoLatte event in the village of Crodo.

The BiancoLatte event returns to Crodo: a tribute to the autumnal flavours of Alta Ossola

On Saturday 23rd and Sunday 24th October 2021 the long-awaited BiancoLatte event returns to Crodo. The protagonists of this event will be the dairy products of the Alta Ossola and the autumn natural landscapes of the Verbano-Cusio-Ossola area.
BiancoLatte is part of the calendar of the Ossola Festivals and is the only event dedicated to local cheeses and dairy products from the high valleys. It is an exhibition-market in which participants are shown the products that are prepared by processing milk. The same products are used by talented local chefs for gourmet reinterpretations to be savoured in the tasting trail hosted at the Foro Boario.
Thanks to this event, the Municipality of Crodo wants to help local businesses, especially the smaller ones, to promote their products so that more and more people can get to know and appreciate them.

degustazione - ph.-Marco-Benedetto-Cerini
© Marco Benedetto Cerini

The characteristic village of Crodo is located in the Antigorio Valley in Piedmont, almost on the border with Switzerland, and is known for its thermal waters, which the locals consider sacred. The territory is still uncontaminated, in fact, it is surrounded by dense vegetation made up of paths that can be used to walk immersed in nature. A few kilometres away there is the marvellous Toce waterfall, which makes the alpine panorama even more fascinating. In Crodo there are popular traditions and customs that recall life in the past. In addition, to encourage people to visit the place, unmissable events are planned, just like BiancoLatte.


What to expect from the BiancoLatte event

The aim of the event is to pay homage to the authentic flavours of the region. The local products are the fruit of the commitment and skill of small farmers' businesses that for years have aimed to bring delicacies of excellent quality to anyone who has the pleasure of tasting them.
In addition, to get to know the beauty of these lands even better, various excursions have been planned. In all, there are five routes that will take participants to wonderful hidden corners of the Crodo area, the Antigorio Valley and the surrounding hamlets.

Escursione a Crodo

There are several routes: two are full-day visits and the other three are half-day visits. The routes are suitable for everyone because they are not difficult and will be guided by nature guides who, thanks to their skills, will allow those taking part to contemplate the beauty of the autumn landscapes. But that's not all, combined with the splendid views, there will be tastings of 0 km products. There will also be a workshop for children and their families. In order to take part in the excursions, however, reservations are compulsory because places are limited and in this way you will also be able to comply with all the anti-Covid regulations.

degustazione durante BiancoLatte a Crodo


It starts on Saturday 23 October with three different excursions:

  • Day hike, includes a full day to visit the villages of Quategno, Cruppo and Crego;
  • Morning excursion, includes a ring-route in Maglioggio to reach a centuries-old chestnut tree, and ends with a visit to a field where Ossola saffron is produced;
  • Afternoon excursion, leaving from Verampio to reach the Marmitte dei giganti and the Orridi di Uriezzo and ending with a visit to the Consorzio Erba Bona where a tasting will be offered.

Also on Saturday, it is possible to take part in the inauguration of the exhibition "I campanacci d'Italia. History, traditions, models and protagonists", which will be held in the early afternoon at the Foro Boario. Cowbells will be on display at the exhibition to provide a close-up understanding of rural Italy. Afterwards, there will be a presentation of the book "I campanacci d'Italia" (Handbells of Italy) by Giovanni Mocchi. Although the opening is scheduled for Saturday 23rd, it can also be visited the following day.

Esposizione dei

Excursions are also possible on Sunday 24 October:

  • Day hike, visiting the hamlets of Viceno, Giavinotto and Cheggio;
  • Morning excursion, visiting the hamlet of Vinun.

Throughout the day, at the Foro Boario in Crodo, there will be the free BiancoLatte market-exhibition where farmers and breeders will display their wares: fresh and mature cheeses, top quality tome, herbs, fruits, honeys, dairy and garden products. Those who take part in the exhibition will be able to buy the delicacies mentioned directly from the producers, who make them in the same area where the event is held, so it can be said that they are all 0 km.
In the early afternoon there will be a creative workshop, "Autumn Art" for families with children.
As well as sampling the local delicacies at the exhibition-market and during the excursions, themed menus will be offered in the restaurants of Crodo and its hamlets so that diners can try typical local specialities. Obviously, reservations must be made in advance.

laboratorio per bambini durante BiancoLatte

Photo by BiancoLatte - L'Oro d'Alta Ossola


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