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GradoJazz 2021, a village in music

Monday 05 july 2021

In July, eight evenings of jazz will enliven the town of Grado at the Parco delle Rose arena.

GradoJazz 2021, a village in music

From 17th to 24th July the seaside village of Grado will live the magic of music with the GradoJazz 2021, an event that includes eight evenings: 18 concerts and several events. The kermesse has been organised by the Euritmica association, with the support of the Municipality of Grado, the Friuli-Venezia Giulia Region, the Fondazione Cassa di Risparmio di Gorizia, BCC Staranzano e Villesse.

A musical event not to be missed
The big events will be hosted at the Parco delle Rose arena, a stage a few steps away from the sea with 2,000 seats appropriately spaced to ensure the safety of the spectators. The festival, however, is a travelling event, so that in addition to the arena, the squares and the lagoon of Grado will also be involved in this high level musical kermesse. At the helm of the event is Max De Tomassi of Radio 1 Rai, a radio presenter with a passion for jazz.
At the Cristallo cinema, on 17th July at 6.00 p.m., there will be the inauguration of GradoJazz 2021, with the photographic exhibition "Jazz Portraits". The Associazione Fotografi Italiani di Jazz (Italian Jazz Photographers Association) will present some shots that have given life to this musical genre in the last 30 years.

8 days of extraordinary concerts
With GradoJazz 2021 music takes over the spaces and Grado becomes the symbol of the rebirth of the villages through concerts and exhibitions with unforgettable sceneries. Among the most spectacular shows there is the concert of the great Friulian pianist Claudio Cojaniz, who will perform in front of the sea on July 18th at 5.30 am. For thirty years Cojaniz has been considered a jazz icon, known above all for his extraordinary ability to improvise. His concert at dawn is set to disrupt the usual canons of music and make way for a new sound.

On 19th July at 9.30 p.m., on the stage of the Parco delle Rose, the Brad Mehldau Trio will perform. They are the expression of a refined Jazz, very appreciated both in Italy and abroad.
GradoJazz 2021 has scheduled extraordinary concerts and events and there will be a tribute to one of the undisputed icons of music, Aretha Franklin.

On 20th July, in fact, at the Palco delle Rose there will be a 3-voice evening show with 6 musicians to relive the magic sounds of the greatest soul interpreter. Throughout the event there will be a large area dedicated to food and wine with stands full of local products to introduce visitors to and appreciate the scents and flavours of the area.

Find out more about the event, click here

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