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Marostica Summer Festival: notes and music in the square of legend

Monday 28 june 2021

From 8 to 16 July, in the splendid setting of the famous Piazza degli Scacchi, the Marostica Summer Festival returns.

Marostica Summer Festival: notes and music in the square of legend

Photo by Marco Pettenuzzo, MiroirStudio

One of the most beautiful villages in Italy, full of charm, history and romantic legends, is undoubtedly Marostica. The town lies in the province of Vicenza, in the shadow of the Asiago Plateau and crossed by the waters of the Longhella river.
When one hears the name Marostica, one's mind immediately goes to the famous chess game with living figures that has been held in the splendid setting of Piazza Castello since 1923.
And yet there is another event that has been highlighting Marostica from a musical point of view for the last six years: the Marostica Summer Festival, which will enliven the Veneto town from 8 to 16 July with musical performances by national and international artists, warming up the hot Vicenza summer even more.

Music on stage in the City of Chess: the Marostica Summer Festival
The Marostica Summer Festival is an event that attracts top national and international artists to the Veneto town in the very hot month of July, to the delight of music lovers. In addition to the quality of the music performed each year, what makes this event truly unique is the setting, Piazza Castello, also known as Piazza degli Scacchi, which can seat more than 11,000 people.

The pavement of the square, located at the foot of the impressive Lower Castle, is in fact a monumental chessboard, made in this way in memory of the duel that took place, according to legend, in 1454. It seems that the dispute revolved around Lionora and that the contenders, Rinaldo de Angarano and Vieri della Vallonara, not being able to choose a duel, prohibited by Venetian law, chose something very different: they decided to challenge each other in chess, using living people as towers, pawns, horses, kings and queens.

It is this half-historical, half-legendary event that makes the Marostica Summer Festival a must for every music lover.

Piazza degli Scacchi a Marostica

Marostica Summer Festival programme
To open the edition of the highly anticipated Festival 2021 will be the young singer Francesca Michielin who will perform at 21.30.
On 9 July it is the turn of the rock made in Italy played by Piero Pelù, while on the evening of Saturday 10 July it will be the MusicAll to entertain romantically the spectators of the festival: the project of Galatone, Matteucci and Giò Di Tonno offers music that brings to mind old movies, great actors (from Robert De Niro to Al Pacino to Charlot) and musicals of great success, from the famous Notre Dame de Paris, with music by Riccardo Cocciante.

Attending their performance, where tradition and innovation come together, is like attending the premiere of La Scala or the Arcimboldi Theatre, or even one of the highly engaging shows staged on Broadway. Inevitably, there will be references to music that has made the history of Italian and international cinema, namely that of Tornatore and Fellini.

"Musica Leggerissima" will be the song by the Sicilian duo Colapesce-Dimartino, the protagonist of the evening of July 12th: the two artists, whose Sanremo song has achieved widespread success, with a record 45 million views of the video, will perform on the stage of the Marostica Summer Festival together with Giordano Colombo, Alfredo Maddaluno and Adele Altro.

The festival will end on the evening of 16 July with the beautiful songs of Gianna Nannini, who will stop in Marostica with her tour, playing her greatest hits.
For the next edition of the Marostica Summer Festival 2022 the participation of LP and Ben Harper is already planned.

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