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Life for the sea, the sea for life: 27 June 2021 National Maritime Towns Day

Monday 26 april 2021

An event that aims to pay tribute to Italy's immense social, cultural and economic heritage linked to the sea.

Life for the sea, the sea for life: 27 June 2021 National Maritime Towns Day

Along the Italian coasts there are splendid villages waiting to be discovered, and this is why the Associazione Borghi Marinari d'Italia (Association of Italian Maritime Villages), founded with the aim of promoting social and responsible tourism and on a non-profit basis, wants to organise the first important national event dedicated to them.

Scheduled for 27 June 2021, the National Day of Maritime Villages, to which e-borghi adheres, aims to be a tribute to the immense social, cultural and economic heritage of Italy linked to maritime identities.

The president of the Association of Italian Maritime Villages, Stefano Principe, sends a clear message by stating that the Italian peninsula has 7000 kilometres of coastline and a strategic position being at the centre of the Mediterranean, so it has great potential for sustainable development thanks to the cultural diversity of communities linked to the sea.

The intention is to repeat the event annually on the last Sunday in June. The municipalities of the villages involved will promote activities related to the sea, such as sports competitions, workshops on maritime crafts, guided tours and much more.

27 June will therefore be the day of the "Borghi Marinari in festa". Sociality, healthy sporting competition and culture will be the main themes of the event. There will also be a competition between the villages, at the end of which the Borgo del Cuore 2021 and the winner of the #identitàmarinare photo contest will be elected.

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