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Caneve En Festa - Home Edition

Thursday 17 december 2020

The Caneve En Festa event for 2020 is online on 19 December. A virtual tour among the most characteristic Caneve of the village of Cembra

Caneve En Festa - Home Edition

Order, click and taste
On 19th December discover the Caneve from home,
the Cembrani DOC, wines, grappas and the Val di Cembra!

Take part in the virtual tour through the most characteristic Caneve in the historic centre of Cembra, a journey through the wines of local producers. The event is organised with the support of Apt Piné Cembra, Strada del Vino e dei Sapori del Trentino, BIM dell'Adige and Comunità della Valle di Cembra.

What to do to take part in the virtual tour
By purchasing the kit you will receive at home wines, sparkling wines and grappa that from 19 December and throughout the month of January you can taste in the virtual company of the producer. The kit includes a bottle of 708 km Extra Brut, 708 km White, 708 km Red, 708 km Grappa lt. 0.2.
The tasting will be online and the producers will accompany you to discover the aromas and flavours of their wines.

If you participate, on 19 December you will be sent the link and password to access the dedicated channel, where you will find uploaded the videos of the tastings in the various Caneve of the wines proposed by the producers themselves and four extra credits of the 708km line made by the Cembrani DOC. To complete the atmosphere there are also some videos of the area and music videos provided by APT Piné Cembra.

Le Caneve therefore enters the homes of the many people curious about the history and culture of the Cembra Valley. The aim of the event is in fact to promote wine as a product of excellence, but also to raise awareness of the caneva, a room in the farmers' house where the grapes were vinified and which belongs to the history of the territory.

Slow wine in Cembra
The Caneve En Festa event for 2020 represents the desire not to give up on Covid-19 and to continue to promote the traditions and culture of the villages, despite the difficulties of the moment.
The virtual tour therefore opens up new possibilities this year. What was previously only possible by visiting the site, this year becomes accessible to a larger number of potential visitors.
With this event, Valle di Cembra opens up to the future and seizes an important opportunity not to be left behind.
The culture of wine is an expression of tradition and innovation and therefore it is not surprising that for 2020, one of the best known events of slow wine takes on a new form with the help of just a link and a password. With one click, in fact, a virtual tour will start to discover a territory that always wants to offer the best. Music, wine and culture come together to create a different, unmissable event!

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