B Santa Croce - from wednesday 1 may 2024 to friday 3 may 2024 in Atri, Teramo [Religious occurrences]
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Santa Croce

from wednesday 1 may 2024 to friday 3 may 2024 in Atri, Teramo

Santa Croce

The celebrations take place in contrada Santa Croce (or Crucifix, which is located along the directrix of the sea, at the side of the provincial road 28 to Pineto), where is located the church of the Crucifix, made to restructure in the fifties by an atrian emigrated he returned to his homeland. The emigrated, started from Atri to the war in the forties and then moved to the United States, made a vow to the Crucified to restructure the church in his honor at the time abandoned if it would bring him luck in travel. The emigrated to America made his fortune and returned in Abruzzo ristrutturò the church of Santa Croce (which today presents in appearance conferred upon him around 1950) and will put even a small relic of the Cross.

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