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The octave of Corpus Christi

thursday 16 june 2022 in Cefalù, Palermo

The octave of Corpus Christi

Corresponds to the eight days of the month of June by a thursdayì the next Thursday, in which is celebrated the feast of Corpus Christi, with processions of the adherents of the various guilds that bare the large vexillum kept inside the Cathedral. The corporations are recognized by the city, who alternated on feast days were: Masters nichi: young people "masters" of the various categories of craftsmen; the ucciera (butchers); the piscatura (fishermen); the viddani (farmers, to whom he had entrusted the organization of allegorical floats inspired by the life of the fields and to the products of the land, the firstfruits); the marinara of viliera (sailors of sailboats, that despite they originate from Ceto fishermen were distinguished for their browsing experience); the parrini (priests); the card counting (aristocrats); the ranni masters (masters large, La Maestranza par excellence, specifically in the field of cabinetmaking). On the occasion of the eighth, and exactly the sunday was the frottola, term with which it was intended to do not a poem susceptible of being music, but the floats parade along the streets of the country, with at its head a snare drum constantly. The wagons represent with flowers, the Blessed Sacrament and the peasant life. Immediately after the performer of drum (tamburaro) there are countless children who carry the cucciddati, bread in the shape of a donut made with flour of the first wheat of the year, that are hung on the sticks, and children cry for the expression of good wishes: Viva u loaves. In ancient times, when every street had the name of a holy, the Frottola stood still and were recited of lullabies exalting the virtues of Christians.

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