B Forgiveness of Barbana - sunday 7 july 2024 in Grado, Gorizia [Religious occurrences]
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Forgiveness of Barbana

sunday 7 july 2024 in Grado, Gorizia

Forgiveness of Barbana

Procession during which a statue of the Madonna degli Angeli is transported with an impressive procession of boats from the Basilica of Sant'Eufemia to the island of Barbana, where rises the ancient Marian shrine, crossing the lagoon. The origin of the pilgrimage dates back to 1237, when the population of the Grado made a vow to go every year in Barbana as thanksgiving for the end of a plague epidemic. The festival starts early in the morning and is preceded by a day of recollection and feast (the Sabo grando). The Perdòn name derives from the tradition of approaching, on the occasion of the pilgrimage, to the sacrament of reconciliation.

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