B Sant'Irene - wednesday 5 june 2024 in Erchie, Salerno [Patronal parties]
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wednesday 5 june 2024 in Erchie, Salerno


Patron saint of the town of Erchie, she is celebrated every year on 5th June. Her cult in Erchie dates back to 1700. Legend has it that in 1897, at 3pm, a violent cyclone hit Oria, devastating a large part of the town and causing 70 deaths and 400 injuries. At the same time, a farmer from Erchie was going to the countryside. Suddenly the sky became threatening because the cyclone that had hit Oria was about to devastate Erchie too. Suddenly the farmer saw Saint Irene who, surrounded by clouds and with her arms outstretched, stopped the cyclone, chasing it away from Erchie and thus preventing a sure disaster.

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Sleep, eat, buy in Erchie

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Via Raimondo Orsini, 4 - 84010, Tramonti (Salerno)
6.30 Kilometers from
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= distances as the crow flies

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