B Feast of San Donato - from sunday 6 august 2023 to monday 7 august 2023 in Montesano Salentino, Lecce [Patronal parties]
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Feast of San Donato

from sunday 6 august 2023 to monday 7 august 2023 in Montesano Salentino, Lecce

Feast of San Donato

The patronal feast dedicated to San Donato è present In culture Montesanese GIà by years ’30. Takes place on 6 and 7 August and involves’entire communityà that è linked by a strong devotion to the Saint and very faithful to the tradition. Religious rites began on 28 July in the parish church with the “novena”, attended with deep religiosityà not only many montesanesi, but also many devotees from neighboring countries. On 6 August, Christmas Eve, Montesano is woken up by “carcases” and by the music band. In the parish in the meantime the Holy Mass is celebrated. Toward midday the statue of the Saint, accompanied by the music band, is carried in procession from the Church Mother of the chapel of San Donato, located at the end of the village. In the tradition of the devotees who offer the sums più high of money that will be placed on the stick of the Holy, have l’honor to shoulder the statue. Always San Donato è considered the protector of the epileptic, and until a few years ago, could not pass unnoticed attitudes of these sick, leaving the incredulous and perplexed. In the evening, around 21, begins “L’intorciata”: procession that takes place in the main streets of the village takes place a long stop near the Mother Church, where the Mayor, in sign of devotion delivery to San Donato the keys of the Country. The statue of Saint returns to the chapel, always be obliged to shoulder from the devotees until the end of the firework show, curated by firms of international fame. The next day (7 August), the chapel is reopened and are celebrated several masses; for the whole morning in the spaces in front of the sanctuary there is a big fair which attracts lots of visitors. Toward midday the statue of the Patron Saint, with the stick load of banknotes, in procession is reported in the parish church where we celebrate the solemn Mass in the presence of the Bishop. E' for centuries now, that this fair is held in Montesano Salentino. In the course of the years he has had a continuous expansion and constant, bringing it to assume the characteristics of a showcase for excellence for the numerous activitiesà production; local and regional authorities. The Fiera di San Donato represents one of the major points of aggregation of the Salento, in which there are high capacityà craft, commercial and business. This event allows you to enhance the products of our culture not only at regional level but also at national level. Montesano and its fair along with solemn celebrations in honor of San Donato represents one of the important civic and religious events among the mostù after hearing of the entire region. It is a secular tradition that has seen Montesano Salentino the limelight national by documentaries broadcast both from the RAI networks national that by Mediaset having as its object the tarantism and especially the "evil of San Donato".

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