B Madonna Bianca - saturday 17 august 2024 in Porto Venere, La Spezia [Patronal parties]
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Madonna Bianca

saturday 17 august 2024 in Porto Venere, La Spezia

Madonna Bianca

The Feast of the White Madonna in Porto Venere is a highly anticipated event in the town. It is celebrated every year on August 17 and attracts many visitors from all over Italy and beyond. The festival has ancient origins and is believed to date back to the 15th century, when the statue of the Madonna Bianca was carried in procession through the streets of the town to protect sailors and fishermen.

During the day, various activities take place including the solemn mass in honor of the Madonna Bianca at the church of San Lorenzo, followed by the procession of the statue along the streets of the village. At nightfall, the village of Porto Venere is dotted with small candles all along the stacks and up to the striking and iconic church of San Pietro.

Ph.Giorgio Brogi

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