B Ancient Villalaghese marriage - thursday 15 august 2024 in Villalago, L'Aquila [Historical reenactments]
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Ancient Villalaghese marriage

thursday 15 august 2024 in Villalago, L'Aquila

Ancient Villalaghese marriage

This event is a tribute to the ancient traditions of the Villalago community and offers participants a chance to fully immerse themselves in the local culture. The event features costumed couples from all over the surrounding area. The couples parade in a procession through the streets of the historic center, then arrive at Celestino Lupi Square where the final dance will be held.

The Ancient Villalaghese Wedding represents an interesting event under the folkloric and cultural aspects of the country. During the event, visitors can admire period costumes, traditional dances and taste typical local dishes.

The ancient villalaghese wedding was a very important event in the life of the community. The whole village participated in the wedding, offering gifts to the bride and groom and taking part in the celebrations. The re-enactment of the Ancient Villalaghese Wedding allows participants to relive this centuries-old tradition and discover the importance of marriage in local culture.

The event is held every year in August and attracts many visitors from all over the region. During the event, participants can admire the natural beauty of Villalago and discover the history of the town through the many guided tours available.

Participation in the Ancient Villalago Wedding is open to all who wish to discover local traditions and immerse themselves in the culture of the village. The event offers a unique opportunity to meet people from different parts of Italy and the world, exchange experiences and knowledge, and create new friendships.

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