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Historical Procession Federico II and Torneo dei Rioni

saturday 12 august 2023 in Oria, Brindisi

Historical Procession Federico II and Torneo dei Rioni

Second weekend of August The event originated by the notice that Frederick II wanted to adopt in 1225 during a period of permanence in Oria. L’Swabian emperor, waiting to Isabella of Brienne whom he married in November of the same year, he decided to settle with his noble court in the hilly area più close to the port of Brindisi, where a few month after would be landed the daughter of Giovanni di Brienne, King of Jerusalem. Precisely in order to honor the presence of the father of the bride and make a sharer of’event the people of “fida et nobilissima cittade d’Orea”, the Swabian emperor – in respect to the tradition of’time – wanted to banish an “Torneamento” among the four ancient districts: Castle, Judea, Blade and Holy Basil. Today the “Torneo dei Rioni” represents the historical recalling medieval più important and well known throughout the Mezzogiorno and represents an important point of reference in the cultural landscape and tourism in the region of Apulia: a land that Frederick II had elected to his true homeland. The Historic Procession that takes place on Saturday, consists of 800 appearing in costumes d’era that parade along the main streets of the town sumptuously decorated with colored flags of the four quarters. The glitz of’fridericiana era is represented faithfully through motion portamenti and noble, ladies, knights, jesters, men of the Court, Paggi and squires. The Historic Procession concludes in the suggestive Piazza Manfredi, where L’herald reads the proclamation issued by Federico II in 1225 for banning Torneamento among the four districts of Cittade. E’ the same emperor, at the conclusion of an evocative ceremony with dances and medieval music and choreography is particularly charming with fire eaters and jugglers, to submit to the courtiers and Contrada members l’ambìto “Palio”: the dream chased throughout L’year by the four quarters. Sunday, athletes and knights belonging to the four quarters challenge in the harshest trials of medieval mold valid for the award of the coveted "Palio" AT’inside of a suggestive frame of the field of “Torneamento “ specially decorated as they used to do in the middle ages. To win the Palio athletes of the four districts must conquer the greatest number of points during the five tests (Aries, cask, coffer, race of the bridge, speedà and dexterity), whose order of execution is raffled shortly before the beginning of the Torneamento. Each test dà right to four points in the first classified three per second, two third and one to the last. Those who do not conclude the test or do not arrive at the departure does not receive any point. In the case of equalityà è provided a test of tiebreaker.

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La Locanda del Ristoro
Starters, orecchiette and meat dishes stand out between all the courses.
Via Brindisi 39/41, Cisternino (Brindisi)
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