B Straight furrow circulation - wednesday 14 august 2024 in Valentano, Viterbo [Festival]
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Straight furrow circulation

wednesday 14 august 2024 in Valentano, Viterbo

Straight furrow circulation

"Tira dritto e fa' bon solco", this is the expression of a proverb from Valencia that is linked to the heartfelt tradition of tracing a furrow in the countryside of the town (the Piano) during the feast of Santa Maria d'Agosto. This is one of the most ancient celebrations and refers to rituals linked to the land and the peasant world and, going back even further, to the furrows traced for the foundations of the cities in Roman times. The furrow is traced with a tractor, while before it was traced using a "parecchio" of oxen, and has a length of 4-6 kilometers. Originally the feast was entrusted to the "bifolcina", that is the association of the bifolchi, now the organization is entrusted from year to year to families, groups or entire streets of the country. The feast is articulated in various phases: the pulling of the straight furrow at dawn on August 14; the offering of the products of the earth represented by the cookie and the grapes; the night procession very felt by the population; the composition of prayers or sonnets dedicated to Mary.

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= distances as the crow flies
= distances as the crow flies

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