B Vivi il Natale a Proceno - from sunday 8 december 2024 to thursday 26 december 2024 in Proceno, Viterbo [Festival]
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Vivi il Natale a Proceno

from sunday 8 december 2024 to thursday 26 december 2024 in Proceno, Viterbo

Vivi il Natale a Proceno

Vivi il Natale a Proceno (Experience Christmas in Proceno) takes place through events in different settings:

  • Eco-sustainable decorations in the streets of the village;
  • Christmas Eve: a moment of sharing around the torch;
  • Christmas magic for children;
  • Nativity scenes in the Sforza Palace.

The village, no longer having schools, has found and finds again with Christmas a moment of strong aggregation where grandparents, children, families contribute to decorate the streets of the village with expressions of local handicraft (for example: Christmas trees in decorated wood; puppets; cribs etc) and live for almost 4 weeks in a context of culture, tradition and creativity.
In 2016 the Association began a strong collaboration with the Pro Loco of Proceno and with the Municipal Administration for the second and third edition, giving the opportunity to create a point of aggregation in the village, introducing torchlight processions, a moment of poetry and songs in the central square of the village.

The ancient village of Proceno is characterised by small lanes that fit together perfectly, flanking houses, palaces and a castle in exposed tuff, inviting tourists to lose themselves in the small centre. During the Christmas period, on 8 December, families from Proceno and elsewhere gather in the Sala Comunale to enjoy a cultural moment and define the Christmas image of the town.
The Proloco provides them with everything they need to prepare splendid decorations and the families bring all the recycled material that would otherwise have been lost. So they use boxes, buttons, fabrics, old socks, corks, pieces of wood, the list is really long. By putting all these materials together they have been and are creating unique decorations to hang in the wooden Christmas trees that the Proloco has placed along the streets of the small village. It was a fun day, but also a very instructive one for the children, who learn to respect the environment through play.

Christmas Eve is lit by the torch, accompanied by the notes of the pipers, which the Proloco sets up in the large square. At the end of the Holy Mass, the whole village gathers to exchange greetings with toasts and refreshments.
A moment of sharing that the Procenese appreciate in a special way, only the warmth of the torch and the notes of the Zampognari, without other distractions make the night of the 24th special to rediscover and appreciate the magic of Christmas.

Christmas has always been the most magical time of the year. Those days at the turn of the year that end with the Epiphany allow us to live in an evocative and suspended atmosphere, letting us savour the little joys of life and rediscover the warmth and time of home and affection. Although we have stopped believing in Father Christmas for some time now, it seems that this time of year, made up of lights, presents and suspended time, is able to make everything lighter, fairytale-like and full of emotion. This is why the Proloco wants to give all children a day to remember on 26 December. The municipal hall will be set up in a Christmas theme with the distribution of candyfloss, popcorn, walking balloons and many balloon sculptures. Outside and adjacent to the hall, a small wooden municipal kiosk will become Santa's cottage where parents will be able to immortalise their children in an unforgettable photo with a fantastic Father Christmas who will hand out gifts. Children and adults alike will enjoy a puppet show, magic and large soap bubbles. Dinner for all will follow, concluding the evening with traditional games with lots of prizes.

In the atrium of the Palazzo, which is also the venue for events such as weddings, there are moments dedicated to handicrafts, with the initiative "Presepe in Vetrina", an exhibition-competition of traditional and innovative handmade cribs made from all kinds of eco-friendly materials. The exhibition-competition remains on display throughout the Christmas period and is voted on until 6 January when, with the arrival of the Epiphany for the children, the nativity scene of the year is also proclaimed. This year, in addition to beauty and innovation, the nativity scene of the year will also be voted on the basis of the eco-sustainable materials used to make it. With the "bonfire of the old woman" and traditional songs, this is the end of the Christmas celebrations.

Note: e-borghi is not responsible for the non-performance of the event and for changes in dates or locations by the organizations of the individual events.

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