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The Palio della Marciliana

from saturday 19 june 2021 to sunday 20 june 2021 in Chioggia, Venezia

The Palio della Marciliana
The Palio della Marciliana is a historical revisitation and one of the main popular festivals towns held annually in Chioggia, in the province of Venice. Includes the Tournament of the leaf spring and attracts every year in the city of the venetian lagoon thousands of visitors. The Palio relive with an articulated series of events that that was the townà of the Middle Ages in the years ranging from 1378 to 1381 and who saw that è passed into history as the war of Chioggia, fought to obtain the hegemony in the trading ports of the East (see genoese colonies), between the Serenissima Republic of Venice and the Republic of Genoa. along Corso del Popolo, the main street of the city, to the sound of the musicians of Clugia are simultaneously prepared banquets, mounted tavernas along with the Tower of Montalbano and established the camps of squires, while all around you perform dances, songs, simulations of combat But also the activities work of the epoch, mainly in Salinas (with the Milites Castri Salinae) and in the gardens of the lagoon. The crossbowmen show the visitor flags, armor, musical instruments, faithful and accurate reproductions of original pieces: a historical reconstruction which involved hundreds of appearing in the clothes of the Fourteenth Century and as swordsmen and tamburini capable of transporting the person who assists at the event in a suggestive medieval climax. The red canopy of fish market, housed in a historic building, accentuates the chromatic contrast with the white of the nearby Palazzo del Comune. The city veneta is the main fisheries center in the upper Adriatic. In the evening, the manifestations of the Palio concludes with a festive procession preceded by performances in theme as the fire to the tower and the scenes of daily life set in the streets, on the foundations, in banks and in the fields of the different districts. The Tournament of leaf in Chioggia, not arose at the same time as the Palio della Marciliana (much more recent), but has ancient origins dating back to the time of the war of Chioggia. is to observe that, curiously, this weapon was one of the strengths of the soldiers of the Republic of Genoa that could count on a body of crossbowmen of all respect if not considered among the mostù efficient at that time. race are five quarters that represent the fourteenth century Community clugiense: are the soul of the palio and contend for the primacy with the pull of the leaf springs large benchtop. The preparatory work of the palio is rather complex and provides a series of periodic meetings involving schools and local institutions.
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