B The Night of the Faugni - sunday 8 december 2024 in Atri, Teramo [Festival]
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The Night of the Faugni

sunday 8 december 2024 in Atri, Teramo

The Night of the Faugni

Each year, at the dawn of 8 December, in Atri repeats the ancient popular tradition of faugni (from the latin "fauns ignis", fire of the Faun). The peasants accendevano of fires, a propitiatory purpose before the winter solstice, in honor of the Faun; associated to the fertility of the earth. On the evening of 7 December the priest blesses the bonfire that will give light to the Faugni. The tour of the faugni ends in Piazza del Duomo, where the bundles of reeds ardent form a great bonfire. The procession is very festive, and sees proceed the Faugni (that sometimes can even reach 100) for the streets of the village, becoming true "rivers" of fire. Over the centuries the original pagan rite has been mixed with the Catholic feast for the Immaculate Conception of Mary, for whom today the procession of the burners and the great bonfire in front of the Cathedral are followed by the celebration of the mass in the morning in honor of the Madonna. Between 18 and 19 p.m. there is the procession with the statue of the Immaculate, statue dressed of Madonna del 1800, hoisted on a canopy of the same period (the height of the statue might be about 2 m.). In the evening of 8 December, finally, after the procession all concludes with the illumination of the two pupae, dummies from likenesses for women which are animated by two people hiding in the hollow interior of the phantoms. Pupae dance at the sound of the music of the band and illuminate fireworks display. After This pyrotechnical spectacle, from earth, launched by special machinery in wood that brighten up the night sky and give appointment to the next year. Since 2006, to the feast of the Faugni is related white night, with the opening night of all bars, clubs, pubs and museums and some churches.

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