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Feast of San Michele Arcangelo and Festival of young voices

sunday 25 september 2022 in Palazzolo Acreide, Siracusa

Feast of San Michele Arcangelo and Festival of young voices

contest that involves children of different agesà that compete in performances. As regards the feast, in addition to the Liturgical Celebrations, 28 September is unveiled the simulacrum of the Saint on 28 September, amidst acclamation osannanti of devotees. The previous Saturday the feast passes through the streets of the country the “lap of Gala” with the procession of the banners, del Gonfalone and of flag-wavers. The morning of the feast, around 11, c’è the launch of the characteristics balloons made by boys in the committee. At 1 p.m. the spectacular “sciuta” of the simulacrum of the Saint under a rain of nzareddi "Multicolored" and Fuochi d’artifice. The simulacrum is brought “a bare shoulder” in procession through the streets of the neighborhood, and the procession attended also by women traveling barefoot. Between the propitiatory rites during the procession c’è the denudation of the children who are stripped and raised in front of the statue, entrustment to the protection of’archangel to preserve them from the evils. In the evening on the triumphal chariot the simulacrum is carried in procession for all tracks of the country. At the end the traditional fireworks outside the country. During the entire week is held on the solemn octave, with the “Meeting of choirs” that animate the eucharistic celebrations.

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Sleep, eat, buy in Palazzolo Acreide

Nuova Dolceria
The specialties are candied ricotta, praline with olive oil, panettone of the Iblei.
Via Necropoli Grotticelle, 25, Siracusa (Siracusa)
33.10 Kilometers from Palazzolo Acreide
= distances as the crow flies

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