B DeguScanno - saturday 9 november 2024 in Scanno, L'Aquila [Festival]
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saturday 9 november 2024 in Scanno, L'Aquila


Deguscanno is an event held in the village of Scanno that combines food and wine, folklore tradition and nature excursions in a three-day event!

The event is organized in conjunction with the traditional rite of the Glories of St. Martin of Scanno. In addition to the celebration of the Glories, the program includes food and wine tours, excursions, guided tours, cooking classes with national and international chefs, thematic menus and culinary workshops. It will be a unique experience where you will be able to learn from the keepers of Scanno's culinary tradition and taste local dishes, all immersed in the evocative atmosphere of Scanno's historic center, with music and concerts providing the soundtrack.

This is a unique opportunity to discover and taste the authentic flavor of the area, including the flavors, fragrances and food and wine excellence of Abruzzo, along with the historical and folkloric traditions of the town and enchanting hikes in the surrounding greenery and nature. Don't miss it!

Note: e-borghi is not responsible for the non-performance of the event and for changes in dates or locations by the organizations of the individual events.

Sleep, eat, buy in Scanno

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