B Bagpipe Festival - saturday 27 july 2024 in Scapoli, Isernia [Festival]
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Bagpipe Festival

saturday 27 july 2024 in Scapoli, Isernia

Bagpipe Festival

The International Bagpipe Festival in Scapoli is an event held every year on the last weekend of July, starting back in 1975. This festival was created with the aim of preserving and promoting the tradition of the bagpipe, an age-old instrument that is part of Italian popular culture.

The event offers not only the opportunity to buy traditional instruments and handicrafts related to the reed-pipe, but above all it is an important opportunity for cultural exchange and comparison between different cultures from all over the world.

The International Bagpipe Festival in Scapoli has received great recognition in the national and international press for its originality and high cultural value. Ethnomusicologists, scholars, artists and enthusiasts gather at this event that has earned the name of being one of the most significant folkloric events in Italy.

Thanks to its ability to promote local traditions, the International Bagpipe Exhibition and Festival has helped make Scapoli the "Capital of the Bagpipe" and brought the village to international attention, making it a point of reference for anyone interested in folk culture and music.

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