B Sardelada - from friday 12 july 2024 to sunday 28 july 2024 in Grado, Gorizia [Festival]
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from friday 12 july 2024 to sunday 28 july 2024 in Grado, Gorizia


The "Sardelada" in Grado is a highly anticipated gastronomic event, both by residents and visitors who flock to the Island of the Sun on weekends in July and August. During this traditional festival, the narrow streets near the Basilica of St. Euphemia and the spaces managed by the Coop. Pescatori di Grado come alive with the inviting scent of sardines, known locally as "sardele," which play a starring role in local cuisine.

"Sardines," typical Mediterranean fish, are celebrated in Grado through recipes that enhance their flavor and freshness. There are several variants with which they can be tasted: the "Isolane," sardines preserved first in salt and then in oil, a dish that encapsulates the flavor of the sea and the traditions of the island; graduated of a crispy breadcrumbs and browned in plenty of hot oil, for those who prefer the intense taste of fried sardines; or prepared "in savor," a condiment that combines sweetness and acidity, perfect for those who love the palate. There is also no shortage of simple but very tasty "a scotadeo," sardines cooked in a pan after being washed only in seawater, a preparation that respects their authenticity.

Do not miss the opportunity to participate in this feast of the palate and tradition; the "Sardelada" is waiting for you to discover, savor and fall in love with the infinite gastronomic nuances that Grado's sardines have to offer.

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