B Golden Festival - from tuesday 13 august 2024 to sunday 18 august 2024 in Grado, Gorizia [Festival]
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Golden Festival

from tuesday 13 august 2024 to sunday 18 august 2024 in Grado, Gorizia

Golden Festival

The "Golden Festival" is the summer event that all lovers of vintage music and good food cannot possibly miss. For six days, from August 13 to 18, 2024, Grado's Rose Park will be transformed into a melodic journey through time, celebrating the great musical hits of the unforgettable 70s, 80s, 90s and 00s eras.

With a musical selection that will revive the unmistakable rhythms and unique atmospheres of these golden decades, the "Golden Festival" will offer participants the opportunity to dance and sing to the rhythm of the songs that made history. And there will be more than just music: the event will also take care of the gastronomic side, with a wide range of culinary offerings that will let you enjoy the best street food. You can enjoy tasty and international dishes, accompanied by your favorite drinks while the dreamy playlist keeps you company.

Grado's Parco delle Rose thus becomes the beating heart of a unique experience, where vintage melodies and the most adored recipes come together in a magical setting. Surrounded by nature and lulled by Grado's sea breeze, visitors can fully immerse themselves in the retro atmosphere, taking a dip into memories or discovering for the first time the timeless classics that have spanned generations.

Note: e-borghi is not responsible for the non-performance of the event and for changes in dates or locations by the organizations of the individual events.

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