B Crespella Festival - sunday 9 march 2025 in Veroli, Frosinone [Feasts]
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Crespella Festival

sunday 9 march 2025 in Veroli, Frosinone

Crespella Festival

In Santa Francesca, a hamlet of Veroli, the Sagra delle Crespella is held every year. This festival involves the distribution of crespelle to all participants. Crespelle are pancakes made from the dough of wheat flour, natural yeast, water and salt. After preparation, they are shaped into a ring shape and then fried in olive oil.

A characteristic element of this event is the parade of folkloric floats on the theme of the 1800s, which frames the festival. During the parade, the floats, pulled by animals, depict scenes of 19th century community life, depicting aspects of rural civilization. During this parade, all participants wear traditional Ciociaria clothing.

Organettos, traditional musical instruments, skillfully play ballarella notes, accompanied by folk songs in the Verolan dialect. During the parade of floats, each group has its own folk band, consisting of organetto, cutocuto and martelletto, which compete continuously throughout the entire day of the festival, until late at night, accompanied by stornelli.

The winning float of the Sagra delle Crespella folklore parade receives as its prize the "Palio," a bronze slab depicting an ernic shepherd-warrior. This prize is awarded by the judging committee. Meanwhile, the village women fry delicious crepes in olive oil and distribute them free of charge to the attending public.

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