B Grandma's Sandwich Festival - from thursday 8 august 2024 to friday 9 august 2024 in Giovinazzo, Bari [Feasts]
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Grandma's Sandwich Festival

from thursday 8 august 2024 to friday 9 august 2024 in Giovinazzo, Bari

Grandma's Sandwich Festival

It is now in its 26th edition the summer festival that in Giovinazzo in August allows people to enjoy the typical sandwiches of the Apulian food tradition.

Having successfully celebrated its silver wedding anniversary, it is already time for the Association "I Nipoti della Nonna" to dive with all of you into the twenty-sixth edition of the Sagra del Panino della Nonna, the annual unmissable event of the Giovinazzese August that will allow you to savor the oldest food tradition of Puglia and Bari.

Thanks to the definitive national consecration, which places it among the most renowned and appreciated festivals in Italy, and even international obtained following the visit of BBC journalists, the Sagra del Panino della Nonna represents an almost unique opportunity in the Bari area to taste the "cugno," the super sandwich stuffed with the typical ingredients that have been gracing local tables for entire generations.

As every year, there will be no shortage of classics: from tomatoes in oil, to eggplant, from omelet to car-ciofi, peppers, lampascioni, without forgetting anchovies, mortadella, provolone cheese and more; also confirmed are the two "cult" sandwiches, the one with parmigiana and the one with brasciola, in addition to the "n picc d tutt" strand, a true "must taste" of every edition.

In short, a sandwich really for all palates and all tastes, also obviously in a "gluten free" version, thanks to the valuable collaboration with the Italian Celiac Association Puglia section.

So mark your calendars, the appointment is in the well-equipped market area of Giovinazzo for Tuesday, August 8 and Wednesday, August 9, 2023, for two evenings of taste but also of music, folklore and merriment.

To cheer up the thousands of people hunting for their favorite sandwich, in fact, for the 2023 edition the Association has prepared a super billboard full of guests; Tuesday 8 exceptional speaker the Zoo of 105 to introduce the 80s atmospheres of Johnson Righeira and the irrepressible rhythm of Cesko of Après la Classe; Wednesday 9 will rad-double with the enthralling folk-country of the Briganti di Terra d'Otranto and the fun guaranteed with Cecilia Gayle and the DJs of Radio norba.

There will be no shortage of the usual extensive Antiques and Handicrafts Exhibition Market enlivened by the traveling performances for young and old by street performers.
Last but not least, the charitable aspect of the event should be emphasized, since the profit of the two evenings will be donated, as in every edition and since the first edition, in support of numerous charitable projects and non-profit organizations, for a total that, in the entire history of the event, has now largely exceeded the threshold of 100,000 euros donated; an extraordinary commitment and result that has recently earned the Association an important recognition by the Municipality of Giovinazzo.

Note: e-borghi is not responsible for the non-performance of the event and for changes in dates or locations by the organizations of the individual events.

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