B Living Crib in the Ancient Village - from sunday 24 december 2023 to tuesday 26 december 2023 in Zavattarello, Pavia [Exhibitions]
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Living Crib in the Ancient Village

from sunday 24 december 2023 to tuesday 26 december 2023 in Zavattarello, Pavia

Living Crib in the Ancient Village

The 24 December from 21.30. To follow S. Mass with the people in costume.
The 26 December from 17.00.

The Living Crib of Zavattarello celebrates Christmas with a special representation, in the frame of the medieval village on "inside". Recalling the birth of Jesus honouring him with the reconstruction of the ancient life of our valley: within the houses of the thirteenth century, along the medieval streets, with tools ancient yet functioning of the Museum "Warehouse of memories", we will come back together to relive our past. The peculiar characteristic of this representation is the animation, that allows an active participation of visitors. Here can really feel part of this ancient world: anyone can eat freshly baked bread, drink the new wine, touch the wool spun and the skirt of the Sheep kept in pens... The medieval village which is dominated by the castle Dal Verme is the setting of tens of activity reconstructed during the living crib. The scenes are located in their most suitable premises: between the streets and homes of a thirteenth-century village that has preserved intact its town planning, characterized by narrow winding streets. Here overlook houses in local stone of medieval origin, that owners kindly open to listed and visitors: We can then find the baker who prepares the loaves in the ancient village bakery, a tavern inside a fragrant wine cellar, the Roman senator with his family in a noble palace... Entering into these rooms and walking for the streets, just a glance to realize how little has changed the original aspect of this place.

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Malaspina Castle of Varzi
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