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The legend of Bora’s love

Tuesday 07 january 2020

The story of the birth of Trieste is linked to the legend of Bora, daughter of the god Vento.

The legend of Bora’s love

Bora was the most beautiful and the best loved among the God of the Wind’s children. During their wandering the family arrived on a highland that looked out on the sea. That place was so beautiful that Bora wanted to explore it and she got away from the group. She was very curious and she had fun at blowing the clouds away and running through the forest. When she was tired she found a shelter in a cave where the brave Tergesteo was having a rest back from the Golden Fleece’s deed. They soon fell in love and spent three, five, seven days of deep passion in that cave. Vento was convinced her daughter had disappeared and he was helped by a dark cloud that suggested him the place where she might be hidden. When Vento entered into the cave he was furious so it  turned himself into a hurricane and he killed Tergesteo.  Bora was desperate after losing her lover and she started crying and her drops became sharp edges when they touched the soil. She was so desperate that she kept running and blowing. Mother nature was touched by her crying and she was worried about the future of the highland that had almost become a dry rocky area so she tried to calm her down. She was also helped by the Sky and the Sea that turned Tergesteo’s blood into the red Sommaco tree which decorates this area nowadays and the Sea covered his body with shells and starfish and it became the highest hill in the area. At the hill’s footstep a little town was born, it took the name of the proud hero so Tergeste (Trieste) and Vento, moved by his daughter’s grief let her stay in that land and live those three, five, seven days with her lover again one time a year.

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