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Bomarzo as Giza: discovering the hidden pyramid

Sunday 31 march 2019

In the Park of the Monsters, near the village of Lazio, among the gigantic mythological sculptures rises an artifact with a mysterious origin ...

Bomarzo as Giza: discovering the hidden pyramid

Bomarzo as Giza. Yes, at the gates of the small Lazio village in the province of Viterbo there is a bit of Egypt. Recently, in fact, a pyramid was discovered in the heart of the impressive Park of the Monsters, famous for its gigantic sculptures depicting mythological characters. A real fantasy kingdom in which, among weeds and fallen leaves, a pyramid of Etruscan origin is hidden from the dating still under examination by archaeologists.

Among these scholars stands Salvatore Fosci, who in 2008 decided to take care of the steps that mark the visible part of this pyramid, taking care of the maintenance of the vegetation that serves as a turf for the mysterious historical find called "stone of the preacher" or "pyramidal altar". The area in which the pyramid rises is very rich in remains not only Etruscan but also prehistoric, so it is still difficult to establish the precise origin.

The Etruscan pyramid

Just as it is not at all easy to reach the pyramid: you need to have a GPS device that can read the coordinates written on the pyramid site (42 ° 30 ′ 17 ″ North and 12 ° 15 ′ 60 ″ East), which makes it even more the excursion into the meanders of the Tuscia woods is fascinating. So, if you are around Bomarzo, do not just visit the enchanting medieval village, but also enter the Monster Park: an adventure worthy of Indiana Jones awaits you!

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