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National day for reading promotion. We give you an advice ...

Sunday 24 march 2019

The printed media is giving more and more space to the web: browse through our digital magazine 'e-borghi travel' and travel among the most fascinating villages with a finger!

 National day for reading promotion. We give you an advice ...

Today, March 24, the "National Day for the Promotion of Reading" is celebrated, established to strengthen the role of reading as an "irreplaceable tool for the development and dissemination of culture". The first "National Reading Promotion Day" was established in 2009. The article of the founding directive, signed by the Ministry of Education, University and Research, establishes:

«The "National Day for the Promotion of Reading" is established and will be held on March 24th of each year. On this day the public administrations, also in coordination with the associations and organizations operating in the sector, undertake, within the sphere of their respective competences, initiatives aimed at promoting reading in all its forms and sensitizing citizens, and especially the new generations, on the themes related to it».

The event is remembered throughout Italy with events, initiatives and events related to reading. And we at want to give you advice: read our free digital magazine e-borghi travel. You can find it on our website, in the magazine section: every month we take you to discover the Italian villages, deepened following an ever-changing theme, from the mountains to the well-being, passing by the sea and the most beautiful parks of our wonderful country.

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Indeed, the way of reading has changed radically over time, especially in the last decade. The printed paper is gradually giving way to digital reading. And since we all have a smartphone, a tablet or a laptop computer, why not get hooked on villages and start traveling by browsing the pages of e-borghi-travel comfortably with a finger? You will find itinerant tales and panoramic photographs. Moreover, taking up an aphorism of the famous writer Fabrizio Caramagna, «every book is a journey, and the only baggage we carry with us is imagination».

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